Start Har'koa
End Witch Doctor Khufu
Level 20-30
Category Zul'Drak
Experience 26750
Rewards Choose one of:
 [Bloodbinder's Gloves]
 [Supple Vest of the Bloodletter]
 [Bloodletter's Headgear]
 [Ancestral War Boots]
Previous N [20-30] The Key of Warlord Zol'Maz
Next N [20-30G3] The Gods Have Spoken


Har'koa at Zim'Torga has asked you to free Akali and then to inform Witch Doctor Khufu at Zim'Torga.

  • Akali unfettered from his chains.

Provided Item:


<Name>, there is no time left. You must take the key and use it to unlock Akali.

He is being held in the courtyard in front of Gundrak, the capital of Zul'Drak. Akali's chains are secured by four anchor points. You must unlock each of them to set the rhino god free.

Gundrak is teeming with ice trolls. However, I believe that if you're careful, you should be able to slip in without too much danger.

Once you're done, please inform the witch doctor.


What happened?



Another god destroyed, its power stolen. And now the prophet of Akali has threated us directly.

When he comes, he will come for Har'koa. We cannot allow him to take her power too.

We must consult the gods once more, <name>. They will tell us what must be done.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv gauntlets 15.png [Bloodbinder's Gloves] Inv chest leather 10.png [Supple Vest of the Bloodletter]
Inv helmet 123.png [Bloodletter's Headgear] Inv boots plate 06.png [Ancestral War Boots]


The prophet draws Akali's powers.

Free Akali by using the key at the Akali Chain Anchor, and he will punish his subduers. But it will draw the attention of his prophet as well, who will promptly slay him for his uprising.


Akali kills dozens of Akali Subduers.

Prophet of Akali yells: ENOUGH!
Prophet of Akali yells: And now, Akali, my master will have your blood and I will take some of your power as well!

The Prophet kills Akali.

Prophet of Akali yells: It is done. Run back to your masters. Run back to Har'koa. Tell her that I am coming!

After completing the quest, Khufu once again calls upon the animal gods.

Har'koa whispers: No, not Akali too!
Halazzi says: Once more we hear your call, Khufu. We have wisdom for you and <name>. You face great peril and must act swiftly or you all and Har'koa will die.
Nalorakk says: The unblemished heart of the guardian must be secured to show defiance and strength. Jealous Zim'Rhuk keeps those who harbor it.
Jan'alai says: The gusty essence of deceased Quetz'lun's wardens must be gathered to draw him near. To Har'koa must both of these rarities be delivered.
Akil'zon says: And yet we see only doom in your future. It is your destiny that you do this, <name>, but we fear that the prophet is too powerful for you and your friends. Still, you must try.


  1. N [20-30] Strange Mojo
  2. N [20-30] Precious Elemental Fluids
  3. N [20-30] Mushroom Mixer
  4. N [20-30] Too Much of a Good Thing
  5. N [20-30] To the Witch Doctor
  6. N [20-30] Breaking Through Jin'Alai
  7. N [20-30] To Speak With Har'koa
  8. N [20-30] But First My Offspring
  9. N [20-30] Spirit of Rhunok
  10. N [20-30] My Prophet, My Enemy
  11. N [20-30] An End to the Suffering
  12. N [20-30] Back to Har'koa
  13. N [20-30] I Sense a Disturbance
  14. N [20-30] Preparations for the Underworld
  15. N [20-30] Seek the Wind Serpent Goddess
  16. N [20-30] Setting the Stage
  17. N [20-30] Foundation for Revenge
  18. N [20-30] Hell Hath a Fury
  19. N [20-30] One Last Thing
  20. N [20-30] Blood of a Dead God
  21. N [20-30] You Reap What You Sow
  22. N [20-30] The Key of Warlord Zol'Maz
  23. N [20-30] Rampage
  24. N [20-30G3] The Gods Have Spoken
  25. N [20-30G3] Convocation at Zol'Heb
  26. N [20-30] Unfinished Business

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