Rangari Chel

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AllianceRangari Chel
Image of Rangari Chel
Gender Female
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 10-40
Class Hunter
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Rangari
Location Rangari Enclave, Shadowmoon Valley
Status Alive

Rangari Chel is a draenei Marksmanship hunter from Elodor who joined the Alliance champion as a follower after the defeat of Socrethar at Exarch's Rise.



Altar of Sha'tar

Rangari Chel reporting for duty.

Friend of the Exarchs

Greetings, commander! My name is Rangari Chel.

When we first arrived on Draenor, this whole world was a mystery - a dangerous mystery. The rangari were tasked with exploring all these new, hostile environments. We learned to survive on our feet - using the natural resources of the land around us to survive and slip unseen in and out of enemy territory.

As your follower, I'd focus on staying out of sight, keeping foes at bay, and doing serious damage.


Hello, commander.

I've been scouting around the garrison to make sure the perimeters are secure. Unfortunately, I wasn't alone. Something was watching me from the underbrush, but it ran away. The trail gets cold at the river's edge.

Stay on your guard!

Gossip I need you to come on patrol with me.

  • The rangari are ready to serve.
  • I will scout the perimeter during the night watch.
  • May I suggest building a few sniper nests in the trees surrounding our stronghold?
  • These woods provide excellent cover, but may mask an attack. We should stay vigilant.


Chel is one of the three choices for a garrison follower available as a reward for A [91] Friend of the Exarchs at the end of the The Pursuit of Justice storyline in Shadowmoon Valley.

Abilities and Traits

  • Chel will always have [Multi-Shot] as her first ability, which counters Minion Swarms.
  • If Chel is epic, she will have a random second ability.
  • Chel's traits are always random.

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