NeutralRanger Rescue
Start Suna Silentstrike [67.2, 52.2]
End Ban Bearheart [67.2, 52.3]
Level 25-35
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Reputation +75 Shado-Pan
Rewards 11g
Previous N [25-35] First Assault, N [25-35] Running Rampant, N [25-35] Perfect Pitch
Next N [25-35] Jung Duk


Longying Ranger

Lin Silentstrike

Unlock Drywood Cages to save 4 Longying Rangers and Lin Silentstrike.


I must ask a most important task of you, <name>.

Somewhere among the cages in the Osul camp is my husband, Lin. He is the light of my world.

Please find him and return him to me, and save as many of our fellow Shado-Pan as you can as well.

You should find keys to those cages on the Osul Brutes.


You will receive: 11g


How did it go?


I am truly sorry to hear that Lin did not make it.

Suna is taking the news quite hard. She will forgive me in time.

As for the rest of the Shado-Pan that you saved, well, I am very grateful to see them returned safe and sound.



Pick up N [25-35] Pitching In and N [25-35] Seeing Red before heading out. Before going too far, Katak the Defeated just to the north down the hill also offers N [25-35] The Exile.

Start killing Spearguard for Seeing Red and Ranger Rescue. Use the Stone Keys the spearguards drop to open Drywood Cages, which contain Longying Rangers. They will join the party once freed. Use the quest item on Osul Ballista to destroy them, not regular attacks. The three named do count for Seeing Red, so take advantage of that. Battat is just to the west, Urang is just to the northwest of Battat, and Ku-Tong is on the north side of the big field, all in big tents.

Suna and Ban after Ranger Rescue

Lin, unfotunately, did not make it. His corpse can be found just south of Ku-Tong's position, north of the big field. Interact with his body:

<The pandaren was recently stripped, beaten, and broken. His body is growing cold.>
Gossip Examine the body.
<He clutches a handkerchief with the initials, S.S.>
Suna walks up.
Suna Silentstrike says: NOOO!
Suna Silentstrike says: Lin, my heart of heart! No, please, NO! It cannot be!
Suna Silentstrike says: If only I had come sooner! If only Ban had listened to me!
Suna Silentstrike says: Shhhhhh, my sweet darling, sleep now and be at peace.
Suna Silentstrike says: Your killers will not go unpunished.
Suna Silentstrike says: I will see to that.
She drops back into stealth.

Finish up and turn in.


Optional breadcrumb: N [25-35] My Husband... -or- N [25-35] Beyond the Wall

  1. N [25-35] A Foot in the Door
  2. N [25-35] First Assault & N [25-35] Running Rampant & N [25-35] Perfect Pitch
  3. N [25-35] Seeing Red & N [25-35] Ranger Rescue & N [25-35] Pitching In
  4. N [25-35] Jung Duk

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