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For rare monsters, see rare mob. For the Superior achievement, see Spell frost wizardmark [Superior].

Rare (sometimes called superior)[1] is the level of item quality in between Uncommon and Epic.

  • The names of Rare quality items will appear in blue.
  • Rare quality items are sometimes referred to as "Blues."
  • Equippable items of Rare quality almost always have one or more attribute bonuses, and some have procs.
  • Depending on the class and spec the item is aimed at, Rare gear will have 2 or 3 primary stat bonuses (3 usually including Spirit for healer specs), with one or two secondary stat bonuses (one usually if the gear has Spirit on it).
  • Most equippable items at Rare quality and above can be disenchanted by characters with the Enchanting profession.
  • Some ingredient items are of Rare quality, including all Shards used in the Enchanting profession, such as Inv enchant shardbrilliantlarge [Large Brilliant Shard].
  • The web color code for rare itemlinks is #0080ff.
  • Almost all boss drops from non-heroic and non-raid instances are of rare quality.
  • Outland, Northrend and new Cataclysm quests that require defeating an elite monster, or result from a long (and occasionally lore-intensive) Quest Chain will often reward a Rare.

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