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Gender Male
Race Drakonid
Affiliation(s) Sintharia, Black dragonflight
Status Deceased
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Rask was a loyal servant of the black dragon Sinestra, formerly known as Sintharia, during her time at Grim Batol. Furthermore Rask only truly took orders from her and was reported to have been the few figures in Grim Batol who didn't have to listen to Zendarin Windrunner.

Under his master's command, Rask would capture the dragons Krasus and Kalec with a group of skardyn and a modified mageslayer. Rask was later seen after Vereesa Windrunner and her companions were ambushed by fire elementals and given the choice for them to surrender or die. After they surrendered he personally claimed Vereesa's sword as his own. When Vereesa came to the realization that Sintharia was in fact behind the events at Grim Batol, she surreptitiously reached for one of her hidden daggers only to find her sword at her throat. An amused Rask informed her either the dagger or her head would fall and commented that Vereesa was wise when she dropped the dagger.

He would be witnessed by Rom leading a group of skardyn remarking that the lady commanded them to move. While following them Rom would re-encounter Iridi after saving her from Rask and the skardyn. The duo would successfully escape from Rask and free the nether dragon Zzeraku, who would then come locked in combat with Dargonax. As the two dragons clashed Rask consumed with the pair and attempted to launch a sneak attack against Rom. However, Rom, who had directed Grenda to lead their fellow dwarven people out one of the passages, was warned by Grenda when she gestured behind him. Ordering Iridi to reach Rhonin and knowing Grenda would follow his previous orders, Rom engaged in combat with Rask. During the fierce fight, Rask would deliver Rom a fatal blow but rather than give into death the dwarf pushed forward and using his remaining strength severed Rask's head from his body. As Rom fell to his own death, he noticed that even in death Rask's face wore a snarl.[1]