Image of Rathan
Title <Abominable Stitchmaster>
Gender Male
Race Maldraxxus skeleton (Humanoid)
Level 60
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undying Army, Stitchmasters
Former affiliation(s) House of Constructs
Location Butchers Block, Maldraxxus;[55.1, 68.75] Seat of the Primus, Sixfold Recluse, and Body Banks
Status Active

Rathan is a skeleton who oversees the Abominable Stitching feature at the Seat of the Primus' Butchers Block after seceding from the House of Constructs during the Necrolords Campaign.


Rathan apprenticed at the House of Constructs' Stitchyard for many eons. At one point, he worked in the Body Banks with Surgeon Stitchflesh to design the abomination body for Princess Emeni.[1]

Rathan, Emeni, and many other members of the House of Constructs spoke out against Margrave Gharmal when they launched their attack on Bastion. Fearing dissent, Gharmal removed many souls from their constructed bodies and imprisoned them in the Etheric Vault. Emeni's soul managed to escape, and together, she and Rathan sought out the Necrolord forces at the Seat of the Primus. Rathan promised that he and Emeni would build the Necrolords an army of constructs far greater than Gharmal's if the Maw Walker helped them reclaim Emeni's body and rescue the other souls trapped in the vault.[2]

The trio traveled to the Body Banks and, after gathering the necessary tools from the nearby Construct forces,[3] used the assembly equipment to build a new abomination for Emeni's soul to inhabit.[4][5] The Maw Walker then worked with the reborn Emeni to rescue the souls trapped in the Etheric Vault.[6] Rathan took these freed souls to Butchers Block outside the Seat of the Primus, declaring that the spot could serve as a new home where they could create a force of new construct warriors to fight for the Necrolords.[7][8]


Rebellious Souls



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  • Greetings, my friend.
  • I look forward to working with you.
  • There is much to be done.
  • Know the soul, not the construct.
  • Our efforts are enough reward.
  • Strength in numbers, Maw Walker!


Body Banks
We could make wondrous creature[sic] with all these fresh parts!
I just need your hands... uh, to help with the stitching!
Butchers Block
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a soul obtain their new construct body.
With your help we shall construct a new army of battle worthy constructs to lead Maldraxxus to victory!
Gossip Tell me about Abominable Stitching.
The art of abominable stitching requires a steady hand, quality ingredients, and of course the Abominable Stitching Table, right over there.
I've noted the correct ingredients you will need for each possible construct and item we can build with the Abominable Stitching Table.
Gossip I want to ask you about something else.
Gossip Where do I find Malleable Flesh?
Malleable Flesh is the base ingredient used in most constructs and items created by Abominable Stitching.
You have a chance to find a suitable piece of Malleable Flesh on just about any creature you defeat in the Shadowlands.
Chordy is also very adept at finding Malleable Flesh, so don't be afraid to seek his aid in locating this ingredient.
Gossip I want to ask you about something else.
Gossip Where do I find Superior Parts?
Superior Parts are a key component in constructing powerful combat constructs and items.
These parts are difficult to locate, but the constructs here will help you obtain the Superior Parts, if you can help them with their problems.
Gossip I want to ask you about something else.
Gossip What about constructs fashion accessories?
Our constructs love to show off on the battlefield. You'll find there is a large variety of fashion accessories that can be obtained for these constructs to enhance their battlefield appearance.
You will have to search far and wide though to find the ingredients to create some of these fashion accessories.
Gossip I want to ask you about something else.

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