For the pre-Mists of Pandaria encounter, see Rattlegore (Classic).
Not to be confused with Rattlebore.
Image of Rattlegore
Race Bone golem (Undead)
Level 17-32 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Chamber of Summoning, Scholomance
Status Active (lore)[1]
Killable (WoW)


Rattlegore is a bone golem boss in Scholomance. After being defeated by the Alliance during the Battle for Andorhal,[2] he is recreated from bones within Scholomance's Chamber of Summoning. He appears after Lilian Voss leaves to chase Darkmaster Gandling.

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Following the Fourth War, Mathias Shaw stated that according to Argent Crusade reports, Rattlegore is still present and active in Scholomance, it would appear to have been resurrected again, or rebuilt, and remains just as dangerous and disturbing as ever.[1]


Dungeon Journal

Course: Reanimation 101

Rattlegore was thought to have been destroyed in Andorhal, but Gandling immediately began preparations to reanimate the clattering terror so he could guard against intruders. The darkmaster sought to make Rattlegore more ferocious than ever, imbuing him with an insatiable desire to harvest raw materials from his enemies.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Trade archaeology rustedsteakknife.png  Rusting Tank Alert — Rattlegore's dull blades rust with each successful melee attack, increasing damage by 5% but lowering attack speed by 5% and movement speed by 5%. Stacks up to 99 times and lasts for 15 sec.
  • Inv misc bone 07.png  Bone Spike — Launches a powerful spike of bone at a random player, inflicting 1,080[DJ 1] Physical damage and knocking them back a great distance. Bone Armor absorbs the effect of Bone Spikes.
  • Spell fire bluefire.png  Soulflame — The souls of the dead Boneweavers continue to torment the living, periodically engulfing a section of the room in Soulflame. Inflicts 360[DJ 2] Fire damage and grows over time.
  • Bone Pile — Bone Piles are scattered throughout the summoning room. Interacting with a Bone Pile grants a player two charges of Bone Armor.
    • Trade archaeology bones of transformation.png  Bone Armor — Surrounds the caster with a series of whirling bones that absorbs one Bone spell.


  1. ^ Bone Spike hits for 18,000 in Heroic mode
  2. ^ Soulflame hits for 9,600 in Heroic mode


Start out by clearing the room, one Boneweaver at a time. Boneweavers do not have an aggro radius, so feel free to walk around the room in peace. On aggro, the boneweaver will summon non-elite boneguards to harass the party. Make sure the Boneweaver is facing away from the rest of the party, as they cast a frontal cone. After each Boneweaver's death, the remaining Boneweavers summon additional Woven Boneguards with each cast. Be careful with the last weaver, as she summons six boneguards at a time! Make sure the boneguards attacking Voss are dead before the boneweaver dies.

As soon as the last boneweaver dies, run quickly run to a corner, as Rattlegore will spawn in the middle of the room after Voss and Gandling exit. Note the location of the six Bone Piles in the room. They can be interacted with to pick up a "debuff" lasting five minutes that absorbs the next Bone Spike cast by Rattlegore. The piles respawn after 10–15 seconds, so have a shield up before the fight starts.

During the fight, the tank will need to kite Rattlegore around the room until the Rusting debuff drops. However, be aware of the bone piles. They will occasionally flare up with bright flames, denying access to the bone pile objects within them and blocking off a portion of the room for a few seconds. All players need to keep track of their bone shield debuff and drop whatever they are doing to refresh the buff if it gets used.

This is a one phase fight, so the same abilities are in play from full health to zero.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Bone Golem Boots]  [Bone Golem Boots] Agility/hit Mail feet
 [Deadwalker Bracers]  [Deadwalker Bracers] Intellect/hit Cloth wrist
 [Goresoaked Headreaper]  [Goresoaked Headreaper] Strength/crit Two-hand axe
 [Necromantic Wand]  [Necromantic Wand] Intellect/crit Wand
 [Rattling Gloves]  [Rattling Gloves] Intellect/spirit Leather hands

Related achievements


Talking Skull yells: Die, Gandling! Kill him!
Darkmaster Gandling says: My dear, it appears we have visitors! Friends of yours, Voss?
Lilian Voss says: You there! Make yourselves useful and deal with these summoners!
Defeat the Boneweavers to aid Lilian Voss!
Darkmaster Gandling says: Their deaths only serve to empower my summoners further! Behold!
Lilian Voss says: You feed their souls to their brethren? You are sick.
Kill 2
Darkmaster Gandling says: What's the matter, Voss, getting tired?
Lilian Voss says: I'll never stop hunting your kind, necromancer. NEVER.
Darkmaster Gandling says: Isn't it beautiful? The weaving of flesh and bone and soul.
Lilian Voss says: We'll see if you revel so much in death once I've ripped out your throat!
Darkmaster Gandling says: You, too, are beautiful, Voss. Have you looked in a mirror recently?
Lilian Voss says: You'll pay for your tongue.
Darkmaster Gandling says: My dear, you should embrace this gift that has been bestowed upon you.
Lilian Voss says: I will not let you curse another soul with this nightmare.
Lilian Voss says: Run...necromancer...your life ends once I catch my breath.
Darkmaster Gandling says: Come, Voss, your fate awaits you.
Talking Skull yells: NO! Get back here, coward!
Rattlegore yells: Rattlegore!
Players getting hit by Bone Spike without a shield
Click on a Bone Pile to protect yourself from Bone Spike!
Talking Skull says: Let's go!

In Hearthstone

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.

Rattlegore appears as a legendary Warrior card in the Scholomance Academy expansion for Hearthstone. His effect resurrects him with -1/-1 stats each time he dies, and his flavor text reads: "He looks bad now, but he was pretty handsome in his 20/20s."

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