Raven Hill Cemetery

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Raven Hill Cemetery

Raven Hill Cemetery is the sprawling graveyard located north of the Alliance controlled town of Raven Hill in Duskwood. The cemetery is crawling with scores of undead as well as massive spiders and gangs of grave robbers who will attack anyone interrupting their morbid tasks. Many quests in Duskwood involve Raven Hill Cemetery. The hill in the northwest corner of the cemetery is Forlorn Rowe, home to Morbent Fel. Stay alert when traveling through the cemetery, as Mor'Ladim (a level 25 elite) patrols the cemetery and spells certain doom for adventurers he catches unaware.

At the northeast corner, past the quarter of the cemetery containing the entrance to Dawning Woods Catacombs, you could find the small shack with the Abercrombie inside, but since the Cataclysm he relocated closer to Darkshire to Beggar's Haunt.[1]

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Following Morbent Fel's defeat, the Torch of Holy Flame has been placed by Commander Ladimore in front of the necromancer's home to dispelling dark enchantments and keeping the undead docile in the cemetery.[2]

Some time after the Fourth War, a necromancer came to the cemetery to steal and corrupt the holy torch, her army of undead then leaves Raven Hill Cemetery towards Darkshire, before being stopped by Mathias Shaw and Flynn Fairwind who brought back the purified holy torch to make the undead docile again.[3]

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