Ravenspeech is a language spoken by the arakkoa. It is specifically mentioned to be used by the Grishna tribe.[1] Not all arakkoa speech is confirmed to be this.

Ravenspeech primer (official translations)

Untranslated words or phrases

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The following sentences/words have never been confirmed to be Ravenspeech, but are spoken by Arakkoa

  • Skwak!
  • onw
  • mm
  • Ra-aak
  • ekh-ekh!
  • caww
  • rrak-rrak
  • raaak
  • Awk!
  • A-ak
  • kaw!
  • kaw
  • Raa-kaa!


  • Ssssekk-sara Rith-nealaak! (Spoken by various members)
  • Arak-ha! (Spoken by various members)
  • ca-caw! (Spoken by Darkweaver Syth)
  • A-ak! (Spoken by Darkweaver Syth)
  • ke-kaw (Spoken by Anzu)
  • Ra-ak! (Spoken by Talon King Ikiss)
  • Ak! (Spoken by Talon King Ikiss)
  • Ra-kaw! (Spoken by Talon King Ikiss)
  • Ak-caw! (Spoken by Talon King Ikiss)
  • Ak-a-ra-k (Spoken by Talon King Ikiss)
  • caw (Spoken by Talon King Ikiss)
  • rak, rak (Spoken by Talon King Ikiss)