Raynewood Retreat

Raynewood Retreat is located in north-central Ashenvale, around the Great Tree of the same name, east of Shael'dryn's moonwell and west of Night Run. It is an Alliance outpost where Ordanus, a keeper of the grove and one of the eldest sons of the forest god Cenarius, is hiding.[1]


Raynewood Retreat was used as a base by the night elf army during the War of the Satyr, around 9,700 years ago.[2]

Modern times

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The outpost is populated by night elven Cenarion Protectors, Blink Dragons, and Laughing Sisters. From that outpost, they watch over the path leading north to the corrupted land of Felwood.


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The Retreat was attacked by the Horde, as was the newly constructed tower nearby, Raynewood Tower. They had little success however, for each time they slayed a dryad defender, Ordanus would resurrect them as soon as they hit the ground. The powerful Shadumbra also killed off many of the Horde soldiers. Ordanus would die by the hand of a Horde adventurer on orders of Braelyn Firehand.

Battle for Azeroth

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During the War of the Thorns, the retreat was attacked by the Horde.[3]

In the RPG

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The Raynewood Retreat is an Alliance outpost led by a keeper of the grove and one of the eldest sons of the forest god Cenarius, Ordanus. The druids and keepers here oppose the corruption that spreads through their beloved land.[4]


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Although he is described as hiding in Raynewood, Ordanus may be leading it.


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