AllianceRazorbeak Friends
Start Gryphon Master Talonaxe
End Gryphon Master Talonaxe
Level 10-30
Category Hinterlands
Experience 1,750
Rewards  [Razorbeak Amulet]
or  [Gryphon-Down Scarf]
or  [Gryphon Master's Belt]
or  [Talon Axe]
or  [Gryphon Master's Chain]
Next A [10-30] Out to the Front


Use Gryphon Chow to feed 7 Trained Razorbeak gryphons.


Our clan reveres the gryphon as a sacred animal. They're majestic creatures of the skies, and more than just beasts; they're intelligent and cunning.

Some say we keep them, but it's more of a friendship. If you want to befriend the Wildhammer here, first befriend our gryphons! Take this bag o' chow, it's nice and fresh. Our trained razorbeak gryphons wander the forests to the south of the aviary. Go on and feed a few of 'em for me, aye?


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry necklace 09.png [Razorbeak Amulet] Inv helmet 173v4.png [Gryphon-Down Scarf]
Inv belt 87v1.png [Gryphon Master's Belt] Inv axe 18.png [Talon Axe]
Inv belt 87v1.png [Gryphon Master's Chain]

You will also receive:

  • 20s
  • 1,750 XP


Don't go tryin' to give those to the gryphons inside here, now. They've already been fed plenty.


Treat them with respect, and they'll treat you with it as well.

Give 'em guff and you'll be out an eye!


When fed the trained gryphons rise straight up in the air and disappear. (They no longer need to forage, you fed them.)


Aerie Peak

  1. A [10-30] Hero's Call: The Hinterlands!
  2. A [10-30] Razorbeak Friends & A [10-30] A Mangy Threat
  3. A [10-30] Out to the Front

Stormfeather Outpost

  1. A [10-30] The Wicked Revantusk & A [10-30] Gan'dranda
  2. A [10-30] Skulk Rock Clean-Up & A [10-30] Skulk Rock Supplies
  3. A [10-30] Down with the Vilebranch


  1. Complete all of the following:
  2. A [10-30] It's Ours Now & A [10-30] Hunt the Keeper A [10-30] Venomous Secrets
  3. A [10-30] Quel'Danil Lodge

Quel'Danil Lodge

  1. A [10-30] In Defense of Quel'Danil & A [10-30] The Highvale Documents

Proceeding to the common conclusion for both factions: the Shadra quest chain with A [10-30] The Eye of Shadra.

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