Ready the Ground Troops

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HordeReady the Ground Troops
Start Warlord Krogg
End Warlord Krogg
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Azshara
Experience 55200
Reputation +250 Orgrimmar
Rewards 9g
Previous H [84] Where Is My Warfleet?
Next H [84] Twilight Skies


Search Bilgewater Harbor and convince 12 AWOL Grunts to report for duty.


It was a bad idea to muster the troops in this festering goblin metropolis. Every vice that coin can buy is within arm's reach. Our mighty veterans are running rampant, blowing years of Northrend back-pay in a city-wide debacle.

Can you make a sweep through the city and gather up any stragglers that have gone AWOL?

My axebite warriors are unmatched on the battlefield, but I won't have them disgrace their uniforms while on shore leave.


You will receive: 9g


Thank you, <name>! Most of my soldiers have already reported for duty, some a little worse for the wear.

One night in Bilgewater makes a hard orc humble.

Still, fresh fighting in the Twilight Highlands should restore discipline.


  1. H [84] Warchief's Command: Twilight Highlands!
  2. H [84] Machines of War
  3. H [84] Weapons of Mass Dysfunction
  4. H [84] Sauranok Will Point the Way (Optional) & H [84] Unfamiliar Waters
  5. H [84] Where Is My Warfleet?
  6. Complete all of:
  7. H [84] Twilight Skies
  8. H [84] Twilight Skies


The line "One night in Bilgewater makes a hard orc humble" paraphrases a line in "One Night in Bangkok" from the musical Chess.

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