Reanimated Abomination

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MobReanimated Abomination
Image of Reanimated Abomination
Race Abomination (Undead)
Level 25-30
Reaction Pet
Affiliation(s) Scourge
Location Spawned at the Broken Front, Icecrown

The Reanimated Abomination is created by using an [Abomination Reanimation Kit] upon [Chilled Abomination Guts] culled from a Hulking Abomination.

It is created under the control of the user, as a pet. The user has the standard pet controls available to cause it to follow, stay, or attack; aggressive, defensive, or passive; and trigger use of its abilities. If you have an existing pet, dismiss it first or the guts will disappear without spawning a Reanimated Abomination.


  • Exploding Corpse - explodes upon death, dealing about 1500 HP damage.
  • ??? - a PBAoE 'flatulance' stun effect.

Related quests

Your goal, having reanimated this abomination, is to use it to kill large numbers of Scourge at The Broken Front. Either you, or the abomination, needs to aggro the mobs in front of the gate. When you feel you have enough collected to be worthwhile, you cause the abomination to explode. This will knock everyone close to the abomination away from it. Scourge mobs hit by the explosion die.

To get credit for the kills...

  • both you and the abomination need to be within the "Broken Front" region
  • you need to be comparatively close to the abomination, but not necessarily within the blast radius.
  • it has been reported that mobs that are flatulence-stunned when the explosion hits are not counted. It has also been reported that only mobs that have been hit at least once by the stun count. Use your own discretion. Both may be true.

As with any pet when the abomination dies, any mobs it had aggroed switch targets to you. (Any that you kill with an exploding abomination are, of course dead, and will not pursue...)


Mounting up will not cause your abomination to disappear. You cannot, however, use its abilities while mounted.

If you invoke the  [Abomination Reanimation Kit] while mounted, the abomination will be created as normal even if you would normally have a pet the moment you dismounted. Mounting then dismounting again will return your normal pet to you. This uses the (relatively unstable) mount + pet mechanisms, and should not be considered reliable. It is unknown what happens if you also have a normal pet available (whether the pet appears, replacing the abomination, or not.

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