NeutralRecharging the Blade
Start Consular Celestos
End Consular Celestos
Level 10-45
Category Shaman Campaign
Experience 15,480
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Shaman [10-45] The Skies Above
Next N Shaman [10-45] Return of the Windlord


Obtain the Heart of Skywall.


You have recovered the Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, and with it you hold all that is left of the soul of Prince Thunderaan.

Thunderfury can be restored, but it will require a rare essence known as the Heart of Skywall.

Vortos, the Duke of the East Winds, possesses the heart... but he will not give it willingly.

Vortos must be defeated, and the Heart of Skywall must be combined with the blade.

Only then can Thunderaan return and claim the Throne of Four Winds.


You will receive:

  • 19g 40s
  • 15,480 XP


Have you retrieved the Heart of Skywall?


At long last, the Windseeker shall return to to[sic] his rightful place as heir to the Throne of Four Winds. This is a glorious day for Skywall!


On accept
Consular Celestos says: I will begin the preparations for Thunderaan's rebirth. Find me when Thunderfury has been recharged!
Celestos goes away.

Fight your way (or run in ghost form) through Armored Mistrals, Wild Vortexes, and Gust Soldiers in the Cyclone Summit. Young Storm Dragons are also flying around.

On the bridge
Farseer Nobundo says: An entire plane of existence, dedicated to the element of Air. It is truly wondrous...
Farseer Nobundo says: I have seen nothing like it on my own world. I wonder if such a place exists beyond Azeroth?
Nearing the second bridge
Farseer Nobundo says: I do not envy you, <name>. To lead our order through this crisis must weigh heavily on your shoulders.
Farseer Nobundo says: When the Burning Legion invaded Draenor, I failed to save my people... to save my home.
Farseer Nobundo says: We must unite the elements to our cause... else our worlds share the same fate.

Continue until you reach Vortos.

Vortos yells: Begone mortals! The time of the Windlords has passed!

Kill him to loot the  [Heart of Skywall].

Farseer Nobundo says: The Heart of Skywall holds the power to recharge the blade.
Farseer Nobundo says: We should continue onward with great haste!

Click on the Heart of Skywall, to recharge Thunderfury. Then, jump into the Slipstream to Nimbus Rise. There, approach Celestos.

Consular Celestos says: Quickly, shaman! Hand me the blessed blade and Thunderaan will return!


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