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For the original ability removed in Legion, see [Recklessness].
Warrior talent icon innerrage.png
  • Recklessness
  • Level 50 warrior ability
  • 1.5 min cooldown
  • Instant
  • Go berserk, increasing all Rage generation by 100% and granting your abilities 20% increased critical strike chance for 10 sec.
Usable by
Class Warrior
School Physical
Cooldown 1.5 minute
Other information
Level learned 50
Improvements [Reckless Abandon]
Related buff
Warrior talent icon innerrage.png
  • Recklessness
  • Rage generation increased by 100%.
    Critical strike chance of all abilities increased by 20%.
  • Duration: 10 seconds

Battle Cry is a level 50 warrior ability.

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