NeutralReconnaissance Flight
Start Pilot Vic
End Pilot Vic
Level 77 (Requires 77)
Category Sholazar Basin
Experience 21400
Rewards 6g 50s
Previous N [77] An Embarrassing Incident

Reconnaissance Flight is a quick quest that sends players up to the Avalanche and back to River's Heart in Sholazar Basin on Vic's Flying Machine.


Help Pilot Vic complete the Reconnaissance Flight.

  • Reconnaissance Flight


It's about time we had planes up and running in this place. The professor's been asking me to check out a strange weather pattern coming from the northeast.

Thing is, I'm going to need a co-pilot if we're going into uncharted territory. No way in hell I'm heading out there alone.

What do you say, <tough-guy/hotshot>? You might learn a thing or two. And once you learn to deal with the northern winds... you can pretty much fly anywhere.


You will receive: 6g 50s


You saved my life up there, buddy. Nice flying!


Please make sure your seats and tray tables are in their upright and locked positions...


During the flight Pilot Vic says: "You see that? she's... huge!" when you fly near Rainspeaker Rapids where the questgiver Avatar of Freya is fighting against Bonescythe Ravagers. When you start this quest Reconnaissance Flight you will likely have also picked up N [20-30] Force of Nature which sends you to the Avatar of Freya.


Once the flight reaches the Avalanche, the plane will be attacked by the undead bats that patrol the skies around it. You will be forced to take the plane back to the Lakeside Landing at River's Heart before the engine completely goes. Do not take any shortcuts - go STRAIGHT there, and go as soon as you have control of the plane! The engine fire will take HP from the plane gradually; if it gets to zero, the plane will be destroyed and you will parachute to the ground (and thus would have to return to Lakeside Landing and do the flight again).

Once you arrive at the Landing, press 1 (Land at Lakeside Landing). Do not dismount, or it will not give you credit.


  1. N [77] An Embarrassing Incident
  2. N [77] Reconnaissance Flight

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