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Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh" (4)

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NeutralReconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
Start Wrathion
End Wrathion
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Visions of N'Zoth
Experience 13,400
Rewards  [Horrific Core]
17g 60s
Previous N [120] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
Next N [120] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"


Collect Torn Pages of "Fear and Flesh" from Corrupted or Lost Areas within Horrific Visions for Wrathion in the Chamber of Heart.


Perhaps the most insidious element of the Old Gods' whispers is that they contain within them the smallest kernel of truth. There is something to be said for the joy that comes with feeling the sun on one's skin and the wind in one's hair.

But you have braved N'Zoth's visions. You have seen where their designs are ultimately meant to lead. The curse of flesh has nothing to do with bringing us joy.

Continue to collect the pages of this book. We have nearly finished piecing it back together.


You will receive:


Making progress?


The words in this tome build and expand on the writings from the one we completed previously.

Stay the course, <name>. I expect we shall have answers soon enough.


First offered in the fifth week of patch 8.3, Wrathion now requires an absolute minimum of 2, though likely 3 or more, runs of a Horrific Vision to acquire the necessary items. As before, completing only the mid or high-level difficulty areas is the objective here. The defeat of the final boss (Alleria or Thrall) is not required.

Before Shadowlands, 6 quest items were the objective.


  1. N [120] Remnants of a Shattered World
  2. N [120] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
  3. N [120] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
  4. N [120] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
  5. N [120] Stepping Through the Darkness
  6. N [120] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  7. N [120] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  8. N [120] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  9. N [120] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  10. N [120] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  11. N [120] Walking in the Darkness
  12. N [120] Reconstructing "The Final Truth"
  13. N [120] Reconstructing "The Final Truth"
  14. N [120] Reconstructing "The Final Truth"

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