NeutralReconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
Start Wrathion
End Wrathion
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Visions of N'Zoth
Experience 13,400
Rewards  [Corrupting Core]
17g 60s
Previous N [50] Remnants of a Shattered World
Next N [50] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"


Collect Torn Pages of "The Curse of Stone" from Horrific Visions for Wrathion in the Chamber of Heart.


I came across several references to this book in my research of Ny'alotha. Penned by a neophyte cultist, it documents the "lies of the Titans" and the "injustices" they inflicted upon the denizens of Azeroth.

Mad ravings, intended to erode the reader's acceptance of reality.

Still, by studying this work, we can gain a better understanding of the Old God's power, and thus tailor the cloak to offer better protection against it.

Bring as many pages from this tome as you can find.


You will receive:


What have you been able to find?


Excellent work. This tome should prove quite enlightening.


The quest item is looted upon a successful completion of a Horrific Vision.


  1. N [50] Remnants of a Shattered World
  2. N [50] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
  3. N [50] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
  4. N [50] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
  5. N [50] Stepping Through the Darkness
  6. N [50] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  7. N [50] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  8. N [50] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  9. N [50] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  10. N [50] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  11. N [50] Walking in the Darkness
  12. N [50] Reconstructing "The Final Truth"
  13. N [50] Reconstructing "The Final Truth"
  14. N [50] Reconstructing "The Final Truth"

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