NeutralReconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
Start Wrathion
End Wrathion
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Visions of N'Zoth
Experience 13,400
Rewards  [Corrupting Core]
17g 60s
Previous N [50] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
Next N [50] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"


Collect Torn Pages of "The Curse of Stone" from Horrific Visions for Wrathion in the Chamber of Heart


Thus far, the contents of this book are unsettling to say the least. Nevertheless, I have been able to glean valuable information on the nature of N'Zoth's power, and have made alterations to your cloak accordingly.

There remains much to learn, however. Continue your search for additional pages as you delve into the visions.


You will receive:


Urgent matters require a great deal of attention. Unless it is of the utmost importance, I must see to my work.


Fine work, indeed.


The quest item is looted upon a successful completion of a Horrific Vision.


  1. N [50] Remnants of a Shattered World
  2. N [50] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
  3. N [50] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
  4. N [50] Reconstructing "The Curse of Stone"
  5. N [50] Stepping Through the Darkness
  6. N [50] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  7. N [50] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  8. N [50] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  9. N [50] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  10. N [50] Reconstructing "Fear and Flesh"
  11. N [50] Walking in the Darkness
  12. N [50] Reconstructing "The Final Truth"
  13. N [50] Reconstructing "The Final Truth"
  14. N [50] Reconstructing "The Final Truth"

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