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Recruiting the Troops (warrior)

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NeutralRecruiting the Troops
Start Skyseer Ghrent
End Skyseer Ghrent
Level 101 - 110 (Requires 101)
Category Warrior Campaign
Experience 7,600
Rewards 100 Order Resources
7g 90s
Previous N Warrior [101 - 110] Captain Stahlstrom
Next N Warrior [101 - 110] Troops in the Field


Speak to Captain Hjalmar Stahlstrom and train Valarjar Aspirants.

  • Recruit Valarjar Aspirants


Captain Stahlstrom has arrived. It would be advisable to speak to him and see that the valarjar are armed and ready for battle.

We'll need more than your two champions if we're to win a full-fledged war against the Legion.


You will receive: 7g 90s

You will also receive: 100 Order Resources




We are well underway. Before long you will command an army to be reckoned with.



Aspirants recruited
Captain Hjalmar Stahlstrom says: These Valarjar Aspirants will aid us in our battle against the Burning Legion!


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