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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

The Red Walker clan was one of the few known orc clans, the other being the Frostwolves, to have rejected joining Gul'dan's Horde.[1][2] Due to Draenor's hardships (longer winters, short springs and summers, a shortage of game to hunt) the Red Walkers struggled to find enough food to survive, and took to covering themselves in the blood of animals in order to frighten other orcs from what was theirs. This tactic worked well for the clan until a talbuk herd was accidentally chased off by a group of wandering draenei and in a great rage the clan killed them. As it was their habit by then, they covered themselves with the draenei's blood and some dripped into the mouths. Rather than being repulsed the Red Walkers found it sweet and devoured the draenei corpses. When the clan later encountered a band of orcs they slaughtered and devoured them as well, convinced that flesh was flesh.[3]

The Red Walkers later took to harassing the Frostwolf clan, and during their first battle killed Garad.[4] Over time the Red Walkers grew bold and eventually directly attacked the Frostwolves, but were repelled and with the death of their hunting party the retreated north. While leaving a few scouts to watch over the Frostwolves the Red Walkers through unknown means began to steal the strength of the spirits, correctly anticipating that the Frostwolves would come to the spirits' aid.[5]

When Durotan led a party north to aid the spirits, the Red Walkers took advantage and struck out against the Frostwolves in order to wound them and use them as a food supply. Unknown to the Red Walkers the weakened spirits still had enough energy to give one final gift to the Frostwolves and Durotan, and his party rushed south and the Frostwolves under the command of Draka and Orgrim Doomhammer fought to kill their enemies. As a result Durotan arrived in the midst of the fighting and the Red Walkers were ultimately destroyed, its chieftain living just long enough to inform Durotan of how a once noble clan had fallen.[6]

While the Frostwolves wanted to leave their corpses rot, Durotan ordered that the Red Walkers should be buried, because despite their sins, they were still orcs and by them treating with respect the Frostwolves would remind themselves of what they never would become.[7]

When the Frostwolves finally traveled to join the Horde, Durotan was informed by Grommash Hellscream that the Frostwolves were the last clan to join; there had been one other clan, but according to Gul'dan they were now gone. Durotan thought the clan in question may well be the Red Walkers.[2]



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