Red drake
Red drake.jpg
Faction/Affiliation Red dragonflight
Homeworld Azeroth
Environment Grassy fields
Area(s) Twilight Highlands

Red drakes are the youth of the red dragonflight.



As a mount

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In quests

Grim Batol
A number of red drakes have been captured by the Twilight's Hammer in the main hall of Grim Batol. Once freed, they offer to help you strafe the Twilight's Hammer forces, and to ferry you to locations within or near the hall. See: N [30-35D] Soften them Up.

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Red drakes are the adults of the red dragonflight, and most are fully grown at this stage. Once friends to nearly every living creature, red dragons are now much more suspicious, tending to seek only the company of their own kind. The capture of the Dragonqueen and the accompanying loss of a great number of their flight has left reds crippled, but not defeated. Although many reds feel they owe a debt of gratitude to the Alliance for its assistance in Alexstrasza’s rescue, others distrust all mortals, noting that even the night elves once brought danger and death to the world. Generally, though, red dragons are friendly to humans, elves, and their other traditional friends and allies; for the most part, it is the representatives of the flight near Grim Batol who are strangely hostile to any outsiders. Red drakes typically consider the various Horde races to be enemies, with the possible exception of tauren, whom they respect for their druidic abilities.

This dragon has a lithe frame; though large, the crimson drake is graceful and noble in form. The fiery horns atop the dragon’s skull resemble a crown upon the head of a worthy king. Golden orbs scrutinize every motion, obviously judging whether one might be friend or foe.

Red drakes are honorable and always fight on equitable terms if battling honorable or worthy opponents. For instance, they sacrifice their aerial advantage if their enemies meet them fairly on the ground. They quickly dispense with honor when facing those they consider dishonorable, however; such beings are to be expunged with every instinct and ability that red dragons possess. Red drakes use flame to entrap enemies and force them into difficult terrain, using their aerial advantage for greater mobility. They seek to destroy an opposing force’s leadership first, ruining its command structure and hopefully setting the younger or less experienced combatants to flight. Like younger reds, drakes willingly put themselves at risk to protect a companion (or even more so, their eggs).

Red drakes speak Common and Draconic, and some speak other languages.[1]