Redeem iCoke Prize Voucher

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For the other quests, see N [1] Redeem iCoke Prize Voucher and N [1] Redeem iCoke Gift Box Voucher.
NeutralRedeem iCoke Prize Voucher
End Alliance Bethina
Alliance Antonia Dart
Alliance Tresa MacGregor
Horde Nyx Bloodrage
Horde Hovrak Gutrender
Horde Rygal Rocknell
Level 1 (Requires 1)
Category Uncategorized
Rewards  [White Murloc Egg]
Shareable Yes

Redeem iCoke Prize Voucher was a quest used as a promotion for iCoke only in Taiwan region. It was managed to be obtained for players in other regions of the world, though it couldn't have been completed. It was being shared in battlegrounds in order to spread it. As a result, this quest along with the others was finally removed from the game with patch 5.2.0, wiping it from the player's Quest Log. Eventually, Blizzard added the  [White Murloc Egg] in a underwater cave at Riplash Ruins of Borean Tundra for the rest of the world to obtain.



You will receive:
Inv egg 03.png 1x [White Murloc Egg]


Depending on the quest ender:

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