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  • Redeemed Soul
  • An exceptional soul that wishes to contribute to empowering your Covenant Sanctum.
  • Total Maximum: 100

Redeemed Souls are lost souls saved from the Maw by the Maw Walker and are returned to their Covenant's sanctum. The souls are used in addition to [Reservoir Anima] to research and unlock upgrades to their sanctum.

Players will gain five souls a week until they reach [Renown] levels 15, 24, and 32, which upgrades their Soulkeeper, allowing them to gather 10, 15, or 20 souls per week instead, respectively.


Notes and trivia

  • This currency does not appear in the currency tab, it can only be viewed from the Sanctum Reservoir.
  • Although it displays as capping out at 100, players have reported seeing their count continue to increase past the limit.
  • This currency ID was initially used by the [Sanctum Artisan]. It was later replaced by the Willing Soul, an earlier incarnation of the current version.

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