The Redelav District.

The Redelav District is the part of the Castle Ward where all the venthyr nobility's estates are located, with the exception of Thornhill Manor. The Menagerie of the Master is located to the north, the Old Gate to the east, and the Chalice District to the south. Curiously, it does not connect to the Eternal Terrace.

It shares a namesake with Redelav Hall and The Countess's Redelav Tower in the Eternal Terrace, but it is unclear why.

Members of House Briarbane are seen patrolling the road with two Stone Legion stoneborn; House Briarbane is also known to control other venthyr through their sinstone.[1] A member of House Primrose is seen in Sinfall, but they are subject to having their stone fiends stolen by merchants of the Old Gate, House Duskmire, and various nobles of the Chalice District.[2] House Iremoore had conspired against the Countess.[3] She has since taken to having others impersonate them while stealing the horses of House Briarbane, revealing in turn that House Sinfang is loyal to House Iremoore.[4] House Primrose, House Darkvein, and House Sinfang were trusted with the mirror shards to the Countess's sinstone[5] while House Redelav was trusted with the mirror frame itself.[6] The Stone Legion has been intercepting letters between Prince Renathal and the Venthyr nobility, except House Briarbane.[7] Both House Primose and House Redelav attend the Ember Court as guests when The Countess attends, but House Iremoore always sends an assassin to try to kill her as well.