NeutralRedpine tribe
Redpine Dell.jpg
Race(s) Gnoll Gnoll
Character classes Looter, shaman, necromancer
Base of operations Redpine Dell
Taelan's Tower
Theater of operations Western Plaguelands
Status Active

The Redpine tribe is a gnoll tribe mainly found in the Redpine Dell south of the Northridge Lumber Camp in the Western Plaguelands. They lived in the area years ago but left when the plague arrived, though they have recently returned following the cleansing of the Western Plaguelands.[1]

The gnolls have begun causing some trouble to the Argent Crusade lumberjacks based out of Northridge. They have been running away with lumber at night[1] and while they have yet to attack the mill, their numbers are growing and they always seem to have their weapons ready.[2] Nathaniel Dumah, who owns the mill, pretends that they're not a problem, but his wife Kelly, who is suspicious of the gnolls' intentions, asks adventurers in the area to steal back the stolen lumber and take away the Redpines' weapons.

Another group of Redpine are found at Taelan's Tower east of Hearthglen, where they have killed the Argent crusaders that were formerly stationed there. South of the tower, the gnolls have carved out a small meeting area east of the road where, with the help of supplies given to them by a traitorous Argent mage named Bisp, they have begun practicing necromancy.[3][4]

Notable members


Redpine Dell
Taelan's Tower