Not to be confused with Red Cloud Mesa, called "Redrock Mesa" in early development.

Redrock Mesa

The southern part of the mesa, with the entrance to Redrock Cavern to the left and the Temple of Akunda in the background

Redrock Mesa is a region of cliffs and winding paths that sprawls across southeastern Vol'dun,[52.2, 80] covering the area between the Valley of Sorrows to the north, Zul'Ahjin to the northwest, the Ashvane Encampment to the southwest, and the Eternal Spring and Temple of Akunda to the south. The mesa is dominated by a small peak inhabited by pterrordax, though it also extends south to a small plateau immediately next to the Temple of Akunda, where ranishu swarm in and around Redrock Cavern.


Atop the pterrordax peak:

Around Redrock Cavern: