This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

The Redwalker clan was an orc clan that lived in southern Talador.[1]

After the Horde conquered much of Draenor, the threat of starvation caused many orcs to turn on each other, clashing in short-lived battles that left hundreds dead. The Redwalkers were one of the clans who suffered greatly in these conflicts.[2]

The clan resisted and opposed the commands of Kil'jaeden through Ner'zhul before the events of the First War.[3] Their warriors continued to battle the Horde clans throughout the Second War on Draenor and they suffered greatly. After the war they refused to join Ner'zhul's council, believing the Horde was nothing but a memory, and that each clan had to look out for itself. Kargath Bladefist wanted to slaughter their chieftain for his decision, but was ordered not to, so that he would not be killed in revenge by the Redwalkers.[4] According to Ner'zhul, the clan was eventually reduced to almost nothing.[5]