NeutralRefining The Vision
Start Kairoz [34.5, 53.6]
End Kairoz [34.5, 53.6]
Level 30-35
Category Timeless Isle
Experience 236000
Rewards 19g 84s 50c 1000 Timeless Coin
Previous N [30-35W] Empowering the Hourglass & N [30-35] A Vision in Time
Next N [30-35] Seeking Fate

Refining The Vision is a quest that is unlocked once a player has completed the quest A Vision in Time the previous week. Once completed, the quest Seeking Fate will be available for next week.


Use the Vision of Time in the Siege of Orgrimmar.

  • Vision of Time Used

Provided item:  [Vision of Time]


I have finished grinding the stones, and have attuned the hourglass to a new series of timeways. Will you return to the Siege of Orgrimmar and turn the hourglass once more?

Return quickly, I am most curious.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c 1000 Timeless Coin


Did you use the Vision of Time? What was the result?


A tale of true heroism, and a powerful moment in history. But not quite what we are after, I am afraid.

Not much time remains - I shall double my efforts.


  • 236000 XP


Refining The Vision

The vision shows the room where the Klaxxi paragons boss encounter takes place, and also focuses for a moment on the chest that contained the Heart of Y'Shaarj. The vision then pulls out toward the room's entrance, where Thrall and Varok Saurfang arrive on their journey to locate Garrosh Hellscream. They glance at each other a moment as if to ask each other what they should do, then both simultaneously begin powering up their skills and charge into the room. The vision then fades.



  1. B [30-35] A Flash of Bronze...
  2. B [30-35] Journey to the Timeless Isle
  3. B [30-35] Time Keeper Kairoz
  4. N [30-35] A Timeless Tour & N [30-35] Time In Your Hands
  5. N [30-35] The Essence of Time
  6. N [30-35W] Empowering the Hourglass
  7. Next quest in the series
    1. N [30-35] A Vision in Time
    2. N [30-35] Refining The Vision
    3. N [30-35] Seeking Fate
    4. N [30-35] Hidden Threads
    5. N [30-35] Courting Destiny
    6. N [30-35] One Final Turn


  1. N [30-35] The Last Emperor
  2. N [30-35] Timeless Nutriment
  3. N [30-35] Wayshrines Of The Celestials
  4. N [30-35G Daily] Path of the Mistwalker
  5. N [30-35] Drive Back The Flame
  6. N [30-35G] The Archiereus Of Flame

Rolo's Riddle:

  1. N [30-35] Rolo's Riddle
  2. N [30-35] Rolo's Riddle
  3. N [30-35] Rolo's Riddle

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