Reflection, more commonly called Spell Reflection, is a defensive mechanic that allows mobs and players to avoid a spell, as well as reflecting it back to the caster. It is the most flexible avoidance mechanic, but also the rarest one.

Only targeted spells can be reflected; Area of Effect spells cannot. Spells which hit multiple targets but are targeted (such as [Chain Lightning]) can be reflected individually for each hit. Rogue poisons use the spell mechanic and as such can be reflected, too.

Reflect Effects

  • Warriors can use [Spell Reflection] in Battle and Defensive Stance.
  • Some mobs have a native chance to reflect spells, or abilities to do so.
  • Some items and consumables grant spell reflection chance, most notably  [Destructive Skyfire Diamond].


Reflected spells behave as if the caster directly targeted themself. Apart from the reflect itself, there is no further connection between the spell and the reflector. This means:

  • The spell uses the caster both as the source and the target for calculations. As a result, it is not possible for spells to be reflected more than once, as any further reflect would not change the target.
  • The damage done is still considered to be caused by the caster.
  • All spell enhancing effects (such as talents and procs) are solely taken from the caster. Talents and effects from the reflector do not have any impact on the spell.
  • Any secondary effects caused by the spell will be incurred by the caster. However, not all additional effects can affect them.

Spells with unusual behavior

  • Spells which cannot affect the caster (e.g. [Banish] vs. humanoids) can be reflected but have no effect upon the caster.
  • [Seed of Corruption] does not deal damage to the caster's enemies but to the target's allies. This means that a reflected SoC will deal damage to its caster's pet and allies.
  • Neither [Shadowburn]'s debuff nor [Drain Soul] will take effect when reflected.
  • Both of [Drain Life]'s effects will function, causing an affliction warlock to gain more life than they drain.
  • [Holy Shock], when used offensively and reflected, will damage the paladin that cast it, despite the fact that it is normally a healing spell if cast directly on oneself.

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