AllianceRefugee Leadership
Refugee Leadership.jpg
The Leadership before and after the worgen transformation
Main leader   Magistrate Henry Maleb
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
WorgenWorgen Worgen
Character classes Mage, Warrior
Base of operations Fenris Keep
Theater of operations Silverpine Forest
Affiliation Alliance, Gilneas Liberation Front (allies)
Status Unknown

The Refugee Leadership (or simply Human Leaders)[1] were the humans that commanded the refugees from Hillsbrad Foothills when the Forsaken invaded it. They took control of Fenris Isle and its keep.

A number of refugees on the isle were killed by the Forsaken adventurer and raised by the val'kyr Agatha as Forsaken.[2] The duo then entered the keep only to find the leadership allying with the Gilneas Liberation Front and becoming worgen so that the Forsaken wouldn't be able to raise them into undeath.[3]

The refugee survivors, now worgen, eventually fought against the Forsaken and their orcish allies in the mainland of Silverpine Forest,[4][5] with Caretaker Smithers attempting to ambush the adventurer, but ultimately losing.[6] Phin Odelic, Bartolo Ginsetti and Loremaster Dibbs perished at the Battlefront too.[7]

The fate of Sophia Zowski following the Silverpine battles is unknown, but their leader Magistrate Henry Maleb was locked in Shadowfang Keep afterwards, and was briefly encountered by the Bloodfang pack and Alliance adventurers as they invaded the stronghold.

Several hundred Hillsbrad Refugees subsequently became Hillsbrad Worgen afterwards, with the Forsaken believing Ivar Bloodfang and the other worgen leaders to have made their blood offering to every surviving human in Lordaeron.[8]



Name Status Location
Alliance   Sophia Zowski Unknown Fenris Isle, Silverpine Forest
Alliance   Henry Maleb Unknown Shadowfang Keep
Alliance   Bartolo Ginsetti Deceased Silverpine Forest
Alliance   Loremaster Dibbs Deceased Silverpine Forest
Alliance   Phin Odelic Deceased Silverpine Forest
Alliance   Caretaker Smithers Deceased Silverpine Forest



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