AllianceReginald Windsor
Image of Reginald Windsor
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 63 Elite
Location Stormwind

Reginald Windsor is a level 63 elite quest giver, who plays a major role in the Alliance Onyxia Quest Chain, resulting in obtaining the  [Drakefire Amulet].


Marshal Reginald Windsor was a legendary knight and commander in his best days. With nerves of thorium, wielding the epic hammer  [Ironfoe], he has become a living legend in Stormwind. Later he was assigned a post of commanding officer of Alliance forces in Burning Steppes.

As threats of Blackrock Orcs grew, he sent agents to Blackrock Mountain to investigate. While traveling with the information they gathered, he was ambushed by a Dark Iron raiding party. Only one of his men, Ragged John, escaped to tell the tale. Marshal Windsor was captured and imprisoned, his hammer taken by the Emperor, Dagran Thaurissan, and the precious information seemed lost.

In World of Warcraft, an Alliance player character can discover his notes, scattered among major individuals of Shadowforge City. Returning his notes restores Windsor's hopes, and the player escorts him to freedom. Returning to Stormwind, Windsor is greeted as a hero, despite orders from Lady Katrana Prestor for his arrest. Windsor proceeds to Stormwind Keep to reveal Katrana's true identity as Lady Onyxia before being slain by her.


He ends the quest Template:Questlong.

He gives the quest Template:Questlong.