NeutralReigol Valdread
Image of Reigol Valdread
Title Whisper-Man,
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Rogue
Affiliation(s) Dryad
Former affiliation(s) Hidden, Independent, Forsaken, Scourge, SI:7, Kingdom of Stormwind
Occupation First mate of the Dryad, Assassin
Former occupation(s) Mercenary
Location Dryad
Status Active
Relative(s) Makasa Flintwill (daughter)[1]
Companion(s) Crew and friends
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Reigol Valdread is a Forsaken mercenary and a member of the Hidden serving as their swordsman.[2] He is known for his overuse of the jasmine perfume. He wears a hood over his head. He often made fun of his companions' bickering, because he is bored most of the time.


Life and undeath

Reigol Valdread was born in the Kingdom of Stormwind where he joined the SI:7, being the elite and killing only those that threatened His Majesty and the nation. He reported to and served directly under King Varian Wrynn who made him a baron. At some point after the Second War, he dueled with Marjani Flintwill on the Makemba,[3] and they made love afterward.[1] As a rogue, Varian sent him to the Kingdom of Lordaeron. He later returned to Stormwind Keep to relate intelligence of Lordaeron, and as he was pushing to 40, Varian was curious whether he would retire now and finally enjoy the title. But that did not happen as he volunteered to investigate the rumors of the plague of undeath in Lordaeron.

While there, he fell to Lich King's Scourge and was raised as an undead, killing people he once loved. He was later found by Sylvanas Windrunner, who he praises, and who used her power to free his mind, will, and soul, becoming a Forsaken and swearing fealty to the Banshee Queen. He then assisted her in fights in the north but eventually grew bored, so he asked her to release him from his vow. She begrudgingly agreed, and he left the Plaguelands, becoming a mercenary and paid assassin, traveling across Azeroth and eventually being hired by Malus and the Hidden.[4]


Reigol approached Jonas Cobb, ship on the Wavestrider, and struck a deal with him in Flayers' Point. With Cobb's knowledge, the Hidden aboard the Inevitable attacked Wavestrider and killed everyone except for Aramar Thorne and Makasa Flintwill.

The Hidden tracked them into the Feralas forest and captured their new companion, Murky. Reigol and the ogre Throgg approached the two youngsters and the druid Thalyss Greyoak who shattered his body. While explaining the deal - Aram's compass for Murky, Throgg gathered the body pieces and the undead placed them back and left.

He then followed the rest of the Hidden to Dire Maul and watched as Malus killed King Gordok. At that moment, Murky used his nets and trapped the Forsaken and escaped.[5]

Later, he came with the other Hidden and several ogres to form Gordok's Elite.[6]


  • Reigol said to Aram that he wouldn't see his father on this world, implying his death. The second book actually reveals that Greydon is held prisoner on Outland, giving Reigol's statement a new meaning.
  • He had a passion for women, even finding a pirate woman who fancied him after he became a Forsaken.
  • Although he renounced himself from Sylvanas and no longer serves her, he is still referred to as a Forsaken.
  • He still uses the title, even though he technically is no longer a baron of Stormwind.
  • Reigol has the seemingly unique skill of being able to instantly reattach his limbs back onto his body if they get torn off. In his first battle with Aramar Thorne he even allowed Aramar to stab him in his torso, only to grab the sword and plunge it deeper into his own body so as to prevent Aramar from using it. At another point, he lost both legs and one of his arms (and suffering from a dislocated jaw), and yet he was back on his feet just a few moments later after clicking the bones back into place.
  • He said to Galena Stormspear that he once rode a kodo.
  • Murky calls him Vldrrd.


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He should be 50 or so in Traveler.