NeutralReinforce the Veiled Den
Start High Exarch Turalyon
End Illidan Stormrage
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Antoran Wastes
Rewards [Lightforged Beacon: The Veiled Den]
4g 85s
Previous N [45] Securing a Foothold
Next Sizing Up The Opposition


Speak with Illidan at the Veiled Den.


The foothold you established allows us to check in with our field operatives.

On our last mission here, we set up a bastion to the northeast. It should be defensible for now, but that could change at any moment.

Illidan has gone ahead to assess the situation. I suggest you go there and see if he needs a hand.


You will learn the following: [Lightforged Beacon: The Veiled Den]

You will also receive: 4g 85s


The camp lies to the northeast.

It may appear hidden at first glance, but you can find the Light shining in the darkest places.


So many demons. So much work to do.




Follow the path leading north out of Hope's Landing and continue northward until you meet up with Illidan Stormrage.

This location may be destroyed. It alternates daily with Light's Purchase.


Quest accept
High Exarch Turalyon says: The Legion has assembled a sizable force by those siege cannons. Illidan should already be there, weakening their positions.
  • They are in full force here. They truly are Legion.
  • Here at last. It has been so long...
  • My glaives hunger for the blood of demons.
  • I shall put an end to the Legion in this accursed place.

Gossip Turalyon wants to know the situation down here.

You ask the obvious.
A direct assault on Antorus would be folly. The Legion's forces vastly outnumber us, and they are replacing fallen soldiers at unnatural speed. Some of these brutes are even strong enough to slow me down... slightly.
Breaching their stronghold will require a different plan. In the meantime, there is a sea of demons to slay.
Go back to your High Exarch and let him strategize. I have an enemy to destroy.
Quest completion
Illidan Stormrage says: He thinks I require help? Against the Legion? Very well... try to keep up.


  1. N [45] The Burning Heart
  2. N [45] Securing a Foothold
  3. Depending on which quest hub is available this week:
    • either
    1. N [45] Reinforce Light's Purchase
    2. N [45] Sizing Up The Opposition
    • or
    1. N [45] Reinforce the Veiled Den
    2. N [45] Sizing Up The Opposition

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