• Reins of the Illidari Felstalker
  • Binds when picked up
  • Mount
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon this mount.
  • Requires Level 20
  • Requires Apprentice Riding

Illidari Felstalker.

Illidari Felstalker and  [Nibbles].

Reins of the Illidari Felstalker is the mount from the Digital Deluxe Edition and Collector's Edition of World of Warcraft: Legion.

It is available for purchase from the Shop or In-Game Store for $15 since July 11, 2021.[1]

Obtaining this will reward the  [Collector's Edition: Illidari Felstalker] feat of strength.

Mount Journal

The Illidari have broken some lesser demons for use against their Legion masters. Shop

Hound of WarStalk monstrosities in the darkest corners of the worlds atop the savage Illidari Felstalker. This vicious beast escaped the tight leash of its former demonic masters and will gladly follow your every command when you ride it into battle!

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