Released Spirit

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Not to be confused with Released Spirit (Western Plaguelands) or Released Spirit (Tol Barad Peninsula).
NeutralReleased Spirit
Image of Released Spirit
Gender Both
Race Zandalari troll (Undead)
Level 35-50
Reaction Alliance Horde (Malfunctioning Golem)
Alliance Horde (Soul-Trapped Guardian)
Location Bone Pit and Court of Zak'rajan, Vol'dun
Status Active

Released Spirits are Zandalari troll ghosts that spawn after killing the Malfunctioning Golem in the Bone Pit or Soul-Trapped Guardians in the Court of Zak'rajan in Vol'dun.


A group of Released Spirits spawn upon killing the Malfunctioning Golem. Before they disappear, one of them will say:

Zak'rajan must pay for imprisoning us!

Individual Released Spirits spawn upon killing Soul-Trapped Guardians. Before disappearing, they say one of the following:

  • Even de loa have abandoned us.
  • He uses our souls to protect himself. You cannot break through his shield with weapons.
  • Spirits be powerful weapons... if you can control 'em.
  • We were promised wealth beyond measure. Instead, we were enslaved.
  • Why does Bwonsamdi refuse to let us into de Other Side?
  • Zak'rajan forbid us from worshipping de loa. Only he could be honored.
  • Zak'rajan has enslaved us for countless ages. Free us....
  • Zak'rajan imprisoned our spirits into these golems. He forces us to serve him.

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