Relics of the Outcasts

Crates of Relics of the Outcasts are found at most of the Arakkoa Outcasts camps in Spires of Arak. Each chest requires a bit of a jumping puzzle to get close enough to open up the chest. Each chest contains 40-50 Arakkoa Archaeology Fragments and may contain an  [Arakkoa Cipher].

Skettis [43.0, 16.4]
From where the  [Elixir of Shadow Sight] in Skettis was found (at [43.9, 15.0], jump west onto the north-south wall and walk south to the east-west rope connected to the other wall. Tightrope walk across the rope to the other side, jump up onto the wall, and loot the chest
Veil Terokk [46.0, 44.2]
From where the treasure chest is in the tree, backtrack along the rope to the east. A few yards away from where the rope starts, there's a hill that can be used to jump into the tree/rope area. Do so while mounted, then dismount and get the camera closer to first-person view to tightrope walk along the rope all the way over to the chest
Veil Akraz [43.2, 27.3]
Starting at the southeast end of Veil Akraz with the rope leading from the tree stump up to some burning trees to the north, follow the rope path to the end, then walk onto the tree branch to get within reach of the chest on a rope-hung shelf
Sethekk Hollow [67.4, 39.8]
This chest is on a broken east-west wall near the northern end of Sethekk Hollow. Get to the eastern end of the wall, on the north side, and jump foward to the spot where the wall and the terrain meets. Keep jumping forward to inch higher, and eventually on to the wall
Veil Zekk [60.2, 53.9]
Run up the rope near where the questgivers stand at to find the chest on a branch up in a tree
Nest of the Ravenspeakers [51.9, 49.0]
North of the wall with the chest on it is a large tree. Run uphill to the hill behind the tree, jump on to one of the close branches, get to the center of the tree, jump between the two upright branches close to the wall, and repeatedly jump up and forward until making it to the wall.

Tracking quest

To check whether this chest has been looted, copy and paste this command into the chat window:

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(<ID>))

If a "true" appears in the chat window, this chest has been looted; "false" indicates the opposite.

ID Subzone Coords
36245 Skettis [43.0, 16.4]
36354 Veil Terokk [46.0, 44.2]
36355 Veil Akraz [43.2, 27.3]
36356 Sethekk Hollow [67.4, 39.8]
36359 Veil Zekk [60.2, 53.9]
36360 Nest of the Ravenspeakers [51.9, 48.9]

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