Remembrance of Auberdine

Alliance 32.pngRemembrance of Auberdine
Start Cerellean Whiteclaw
End Cerellean Whiteclaw
Level 15 (Requires 10)
Category Darkshore
Experience 1050
Reputation +350 Darnassus
Rewards 7 Silver.png (+6 Silver.png 60 Copper.png at max level)

On 'accepting' this quest, it will ask you to choose from one of three reward items.


You will receive: 7 Silver.png

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv weapon shortblade 02.png [Whiteclaw Dagger] Inv weapon shortblade 05.png [Cerellean's Dagger]
Inv weapon bow 02.png [Darkshore Bow]

You will also receive Ability druid forceofnature.png [Withers]


I just want to offer my sincerest thanks for all that you've done for us. In my grief, I'm afraid that I didn't extend the gratitude that you truly deserve. We may not have made it here without you.

Know that you will always have friends here.

And you needn't worry about my loneliness. Grimclaw has taken to keeping me company, and I have to say he's a more comforting companion than I would have expected.

Take this, and go with all our blessings. Until we meet again, <name>.

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