Ren Yun

This article is about the character. For the statue of him in Kun-Lai Summit, see Ren Yun the Blind.
Neutral 32.pngRen Yun
Ren Yun the Blind.jpg
Image of Ren Yun
Title The Blind, Brewfather
Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Occupation Brewfather, father of the individual sensory beers and the Four Senses Brew[1]
Status Deceased

Ren Yun the Blind was an enigmatic pandaren brewfather. Blind since birth, Ren Yun's other senses were heightened, and as a result he suffered for years with what he considered to be the harsh or bitter taste of the normal pandaren brews of his time. After years of wandering and experimentation, he was able to develop four perfect brews that appealed to each of his other senses. However, the combination of the separate elements into a perfect unifying "one brew" that would appeal to all four senses at the same time eluded him. For a lifetime more he wandered on, until, at the end of his long life, he found to secret to binding all of his sensory beers into one master recipe, the "Four Senses Brew", which was considered the most magnificent discovery of his generation. Sadly, the recipe was lost to time, because Ren Yun's handwriting was pretty much illegible.[1][2]

Ren Yun made use of several walking canes. A statue of him is located at the pinnacle of Mount Neverest in Kun-Lai Summit, along with a tablet which allows chefs with knowledge of the Way of the Brew to learn the long-lost recipe to the Four Senses Brew.

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