NeutralReplenishing the Pantry
Start Nam Ironpaw [53.4, 51.2]
End Nam Ironpaw [53.4, 51.2]
Level 10-35
Category The Halfhill Market
Experience 23,600
Rewards 1g 14s 1 Ironpaw Token
Repeatable Yes

Replenishing the Pantry is a repeatable quest for those who are in need of an [Ironpaw Token] or three.


Bring Nam Ironpaw a Bundle of Groceries. Bundles of Groceries can be created by using containers sold by Merchant Cheng.


People come from all over Pandaria to learn cooking from the Ironpaw family. We take great pride not only in being the best chefs, but also in passing what we know onto others. That's why we try to charge as little as possible for cooking lessons.

This means, however, that we often find ourselves in shortage of cooking ingredients for the lessons. Would you donate some to the school, to help out students who cannot afford it?


You will receive: 1g 14s 1 Ironpaw Token


It's hard to learn how to cook if you don't have ingredients to cook with.


Your help is very much appreciated. This will make a great difference for some of our students.


  • 23600 XP


Bundles of Groceries can be created from a full stack (20 meat/fish or 100 vegetables) of any item with a blue "Cooking Ingredient" line in it.

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