HordeReport to Sen'jin Village
Start Zureetha Fargaze
End Master Gadrin
Level 1-10
Category Valley of Trials
Experience 230
Reputation +75 Orgrimmar
+75 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 50c
Previous  [Burning Blade Medallion]
Next H [1-30] Breaking the Chain
H [1-30] Cleaning Up the Coastline

Your efforts against the Burning Blade in the Valley of Trials have come to an end. You are to leave the valley and head to Sen'jin Village to find out if the Burning Blade has reached them.


Speak with Master Gadrin in Sen'jin Village.


Your trials against the Burning Blade are finished... here in the Valley. But I want you to report your findings.

Go to the troll village of Sen'jin and seek out Master Gadrin. Sen'jin Village is east out of the valley, then right at the fork.

Tell Gadrin of the Burning Blade, and that they have reached the Valley of Trials. Discover from him if they have yet reached Sen'jin.

Go, <name>, and be swift. I fear the evil found in the Burning Blade Coven is but the herald of a larger threat…


Hm… your report comes at a bad time. The Burning Blade is not seen here in Sen'jin, but their evil has taken seed off the coast, on the Echo Isles.

The orcs are friends of the Darkspear Trolls. Honorable friends. We want to help the orcs, but… we need help too.


You will receive: 50c


Leave the Valley of Trials and stay on the road until you come to the main Durotar north/south road. Turning right (south) will lead you to Sen'jin Village.


Orc:H [1-10] Report to Sen'jin Village
Troll:H [1-10] Sen'jin Village

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