Rescue Mission

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NeutralRescue Mission
Start Vereesa Windrunner
End Vereesa Windrunner
Level 98 - 110 (Requires 98)
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Experience 18500
Rewards 38g 80s
Previous B Hunter [98 - 110] Clandestine Operation
Next N Hunter [98 - 110] Hunter to Hunter


Travel through the portal and rescue Alleria Windrunner.

  • Speak to Vereesa and begin the mission
  • Travel through the portal to Niskara
  • Rescue Alleria Windrunner
  • Take Thas'dorah (Optional)
  • Talk to Vereesa and leave Niskara


The demon has told us how to open a portal to the world where he says Alleria is being held. You and I can go through and see if there is any truth to his claims.

In case it's a trap, Magus Solgaze has given me a portal stone to get us back to Dalaran.

This demonic magic is anathema to the mage, so we must move quickly. I'm ready when you are, <name>.


You will receive:

  • 38g 80s
  • 18500 XP


We didn't recover Alleria, but at least we have proof she was there. She will be found... I know it!

Thas'dorah has long been symbolic of the Windrunner family, but until Alleria's return, it belongs in your hands.

Use it to rally the greatest hunters of Azeroth and drive the Burning Legion back to the abyss!


Speaking with Vereesa
Are you ready to begin?
Gossip Let's get underway.
Vereesa walks towards Magus Solgaze.
Vereesa Windrunner says: Magus Solgaze, empower the portal crystal.
Solgaze channels magic into the Empowered Fel Crystal, opening the Portal to Niskara.
Magus Solgaze says: At once, Ranger-General. But beware! Time flows unpredictably so deep in the Nether.
Ranger Orestes runs towards the portal.
Ranger Orestes says: Never was very good at following orders. See you on the other side!
Magus Solgaze says: This fel magic eats at my soul! I can't hold the portal open long. Get going!
Vereesa Windrunner says: Orestes, you fool!
Vereesa Windrunner says: Now we have two allies to rescue. Follow me in!
Vereesa runs into the portal.

Legacy of the Windrunners

Stage 1 - The Rescue

Survey the rise ahead and eliminate Legion portals.
  • Survey the rise ahead and eliminate Legion portals.
Vereesa Windrunner says: No sign of Orestes. He's headstrong, but should have the sense to wait here for us!
Vereesa Windrunner says: Let's ascend the rise ahead and see what we're up against.
Vereesa Windrunner yells: A sentry! Destroy it before it warns the others!
Felguard Lookout yells: Summoners, open a portal! We need reinforcements!
Upon killing the lookout
Vereesa Windrunner says: Keep moving! That was only the first!

Stage 2 – Stop the Summoners

Defeat the eredar summoners before they bring in more demons.
  • Eliminate the demon summoners to close the portal.

Kill Eredar Portal-Lords, Impling Pursuers, and a Felblade Defender.

Vereesa Windrunner says: Portal mages! Take them out before they bring reinforcements!

Stage 3 – Search for Your Allies

Go deeper into Legion territory to locate Alleria and Orestes.
  • Advance into Legion territory and look for Alleria and Orestes.
Herald Xarbizuld yells: You survived the summoners... such determination! A pity you won't live to experience our glorious cathedral!
Vereesa Windrunner says: That structure in the distance must be the cathedral. Lead on, I'm with you!

Continue through the mobs that also include Felmaw Devourers. There are corpses of Victims of Inquisition. Past them, Orestes is found.

Vereesa Windrunner yells: There, up ahead! It's Orestes!

Kill the last devourers.

Vereesa Windrunner says: Orestes!
Ranger Orestes says: Beware... the hound mistress...

Stage 4 – Defeat the Hound Mistress

Slay Mistress Torvis and save Orestes.
  • Eliminate Mistress Torvis and save Orestes.
Mistress Torvis says: How convenient! Your little group will make an excellent meal for my hounds!
Vereesa Windrunner says: Witch! I'll gut your beasts and take your head for what you've done!
Mistress Torvis says: But... who will feed my darlings?
Approaching Orestes
Vereesa Windrunner says: We'll get you out of here, Orestes. Any sign of Alleria?
Ranger Orestes says: No, but... didn't make it to cathedral. Wounds bad... it's so cold...
Vereesa Windrunner says: Orestes, try to... Orestes!
Ranger Orestes says: Good luck, friends. Save... Alleria...
Orestes dies.
Vereesa Windrunner says: Rest in the Light, Orestes.

Stage 5 – Quiet the Herald

Enter the cathedral and defeat Herald Xarbizuld.
  • Enter the cathedral and defeat Herald Xarbizuld.
Herald Xarbizuld yells: You believe yourselves worthy to enter the cathedral? Then come forth and be tested!
Vereesa Windrunner says: Come. Let's find Alleria and finish this.

Continue and kill more mobs.

Vereesa Windrunner yells: Almost there! Keep fighting!
Approaching the herald
Herald Xarbizuld yells: You stand on the threshold of oblivion! Your lives belong to the Inquisition!
Vereesa Windrunner says: I'm going to relish silencing that fiend!
Herald Xarbizuld says: Now I shall measure your worth!
Herald Xarbizuld says: I give my life... for the Inquisition!

Stage 6 – End the Inquisition

Defeat High Inquisitor Qormaladon and his guardian eyes.
  • Defeat High Inquisitor Qormaladon and his guardian eyes
High Inquisitor Qormaladon says: You mortals have endured so much to rescue your precious Alleria. Come forth and reap your reward!

Kill Icy Gazes of Qormaladon and Fiery Gazes of Qormaladon.

High Inquisitor Qormaladon says: The Inquisition sees all! Every truth! Every lie!

After killing them

Vereesa Windrunner says: Up ahead... that looks like the interrogation area.
Approaching the inquisitor
Vereesa Windrunner yells: What have you done with Alleria, monster?
High Inquisitor Qormaladon says: Another Windrunner for my collection! Oh, the secrets you will confess to me!
Vereesa Windrunner yells: No!
Vereesa Windrunner yells: Forget about me! Save Alleria!
High Inquisitor Qormaladon says: This Vereesa should prove useful... until she breaks. You, however... well, every mortal life must end.
Vereesa Windrunner yells: He's tearing into my mind!

Attack him.

High Inquisitor Qormaladon yells: You refuse to surrender! How splendid! We did not anticipate the high elf would bring along so... persistent an ally.
High Inquisitor Qormaladon says: Another... will take... my place...

Stage 7 – Where Is She?

Help Vereesa search the Inquisitor's overlook for Alleria.
  • Help Vereesa search the Inquisitor's overlook for Alleria.
Vereesa Windrunner says: I felt those eyes peering into my soul. Had you not freed me...
Vereesa Windrunner says: Enough! I must know if Alleria was truly held captive here, or if this was all a ruse to trap us!
Nearing the cathedral
Vereesa Windrunner says: Was she here for days? Years? Centuries? The mage was right... time has little meaning in this place.
Vereesa Windrunner says: By the Light... There! It's her bow! Thas'dorah!
Approaching Thas'dorah
Vereesa Windrunner says: Alleria was here... her bow's presence is the proof! Doubtless she escaped, and the Inquisitor sought to use me to lure her back.
Vereesa Windrunner says: Thas'dorah began as my family's legacy... but now this weapon has a greater purpose.
Vereesa Windrunner says: This is a bow worthy of a hero like Alleria... a hero like you. Take Thas'dorah, <name>. Use it to lead the fight to save Azeroth!

Final Stage – A Bow of Legend

Wield Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners.
  • Pick up Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners.

After picking up the bow, the final stage is complete.

Vereesa Windrunner says: I know Alleria's bow is in the right hands.
Gorelix the Fleshripper says: Find the invaders! Retake the cathedral! Slaughter them all!
Vereesa Windrunner says: Sounds like we're about to be overrun. Let us leave this wretched place to the demons.
Speaking with Vereesa
You fought well this day, <name>. I am in your debt.
I'm ready to use the portal stone and take us back to Dalaran.
Gossip Let's get out of here!


Level 98

  1. N Hunter [98 - 110] Needs of the Hunters
  2. N Hunter [98 - 110] The Hunter's Call
  3. N Hunter [98 - 110] Weapons of Legend
  4. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  5. N Hunter [98 - 110] On Eagle's Wings
  6. N Hunter [98 - 110] The Unseen Path
  7. N Hunter [98 - 110] Oath of Service
  8. N Hunter [98 - 110] Altar of the Eternal Hunt
  9. N Hunter [98 - 110] Infused with Power
  10. N Hunter [98 - 110] Tactical Matters
  11. N Hunter [98 - 110] The Campaign Begins

Level 101

  1. N Hunter [101 - 110] Pledge of Loyalty
  2. N Hunter [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
  3. N Hunter [101 - 110] Making Contact
  4. N Hunter [101 - 110] Recruiting The Troops
  5. N Hunter [101 - 110] Troops in the Field
  6. N Hunter [101 - 110] Tech It Up A Notch
  7. N Hunter [101 - 110] Scouting Reports

Level 102

  1. N Hunter [10] Continuing the Legend

Level 103

  1. N Hunter [103 - 110] Lending a Hand
  2. Complete both:
  3. N Hunter [103 - 110] Urgent Summons
  4. Complete all of:
  5. N Hunter [103 - 110] Homecoming
  6. N Hunter [103 - 110] Signaling Trouble
  7. Complete all:

Level 110

  1. N Hunter [110] Highmountain Hunters
  2. Complete both:
  3. N Hunter [110] Baron and the Huntsman
  4. N Hunter [110] Missing Mages
  5. N Hunter [110] The Scent of Magic
  6. N Hunter [110] Assisting the Archmage
  7. N Hunter [110] Knowing Our Enemy
  8. N Hunter [110] Leyworm Lure
  9. N Hunter [110] To Tame the Beast
  10. N Hunter [110] The Nature of the Beast
  11. N Hunter [110] Requesting Reinforcements
  12. Complete all of:
  13. N Hunter [110] Leading By Example
  14. N Hunter [110] In Defense of Dalaran
  15. N Hunter [110] Champion: Halduron Brightwing
  16. N Hunter [110] A Hero's Weapon

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