For the Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness version of this battle, see Raid at Hillsbrad (WC2 Orc).
Rescue of Zul'jin
WC2 Manual Zuljin.jpg
Date 6 ADP
Location Durnholde Keep, Hillsbrad Foothills

Orcish Horde victory


Orcish Horde

  Kingdom of Lordaeron
Commanders and leaders

Orcish Horde


Kingdom of Lordaeron

  • Unknown Lordaeron commander
Casualties and losses

Orcish Horde

  • Unknown

Kingdom of Lordaeron

  • Unknown
Previous Horde Zul'dare
Next Battle of the Hinterlands

The rescue of Zul'jin occurred in the Second War, during the Battle of Hillsbrad Foothills. The forest troll warlord Zul'jin, being held near Durnholde Keep, was freed by Orgrim Doomhammer himself.[1]

Novel depiction

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Besides its Warcraft II depiction, the rescue of Zul'jin was originally described as such in the Tides of Darkness novel:

  • The battle occurred sometime between the First War and the Second War, during the time when the human nations were negotiating to form the Alliance of Lordaeron. The skirmish was not far from Lordaeron's shores, along the hills and just within the forests.
  • A band of nearly forty humans had captured the Amani warlord Zul'jin and nine other trolls, using torches and their superior numbers to hold the trolls at bay. The humans pinned and chained their troll prisoners, then proceeded to march west at a slow speed.
  • Horde scouts reported the event to Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer, who was based on an island near the mainland. Wagering that these captured trolls could belong to Zul'jin, Doomhammer ordered Rend Blackhand to take his strongest forces and quickly rescue the party. Doomhammer had met Zul'jin during the First War and failed at convincing the troll leader to ally with the Horde; however, the warchief hoped that rescuing this troll war party would give him a chance to change Zul'jin's mind.
  • Rend's forces successfully rescued the trolls and killed any human witnesses, as was ordered. Doomhammer was pleased to find that one of the troll prisoners was Zul'jin himself, who was grateful for the orcs' aid. After discovering that Doomhammer was the new leader of the Horde, Zul'jin agreed to an alliance between their people.[2]