Inscription Icon Inscription (Profession)
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  • Research: Warbinder's Ink
  • Requires Inscription (600, 600, 602, 605)
  • Tool:
     [Virtuoso Inking Set]
  • Reagents:
    • Scribe's Research Notes
    • Use: Discovers a glyph recipe that uses Warbinder's Ink. If you know all the Warbinder's Ink glyphs, you will instead learn a glyph that uses any lesser ink.
    • Requires Inscription (1)
    • "The benefit of these notes can be gained immediately, or potentially sold to another scribe."
    • Sell Price: 5s
  • Cast time: 1.5 sec

Research: Warbinder's Ink creates a  [Scribe's Research Notes] that can be used by scribes to discover glyph recipes.

Materials required:
Inv inscription inkcerulean02.png 3x [Warbinder's Ink] Inv inscription papyrus.png 3x [Light Parchment]

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