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Image of Reshad
Title <Scrollkeeper>
Gender Male
Race Arakkoa (Humanoid)
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Arakkoa Outcasts
Occupation Scrollkeeper
Location Various
Status Alive
Companion(s) Percy

Reshad is an arakkoa of the Arakkoa Outcasts, described as an old storyteller. He is fascinated with the history of Terokk,[citation needed]  the great ancient king of the arakkoa people. Reshad's kaliri companion is Percy.


Early history[]

At some point after his fall, he was being watched by Adherent Ikiss, who wanted a scroll detailing the true history of king Terokk. Ikiss never got it, as he was caught by the Adherents of Rukhmar. Some time later, Adherent Viryx came to Veil Akraz looking for the scroll. Both arakkoa drew blades but Viryx caught and squeezed Reshad's kaliri and the scholar had no other option but to hand it over. He felt like the revelation of the scroll would make a difference between the two groups of the arakkoa.[1]

Modern day[]

After the opening of the Dark Portal, Reshad first encounters the adventurers from Azeroth in Skettis, the ancient refuge built by Terokk for outcast and unwanted arakkoa. Skettis was under attack by the Adherents of Rukhmar, and Reshad asked that several artifacts of Terokk--including his mask and his blades--be gathered before he fled the city for Veil Terokk. On his way he met his friend Ornekka, who directed him to the town. He asked her to come with him, but she refused.

On the journey through the Undergrowth on the way to Veil Terokk, Reshad was guided by Syth's notes to two important artifacts of the Talon King: The Saga of Terokk, detailing his story; and Inv misc orb 04 [The Eye of Anzu], which he used to commune with the great dread raven god Anzu. At Veil Terokk, Reshad reunited with Shadow-Sage Iskar, leader of the Arakkoa Outcasts. From there he sent the adventurers out to gather other relics scattered across the Spires of Arak, including Terokk's gavel and the bangle crafted by Terokk's daughter, Lithic. With all of these artifacts, Reshad was able to use the Effigy of Terokk to show visions of Terokk's downfall from king to outcast.

Although Iskar wanted to bring Terokk back physically, Reshad was concerned that Terokk would lead the arakkoa further into darkness and did not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. Instead, Terokk imbued an adventurer with his power in order to face off against Kargath Bladefist.

When the Ravenspeakers called upon Ka'alu at Anzu's request, Reshad was the one who convinced her to aid the Arakkoa Outcasts in their battle against the Adherents of Rukhmar. Reshad and the adventurer flew with Ka'alu to do battle in the terraces above.

Reshad later took the adventurers to Skyreach astride dread ravens.

After the fall of Skyreach and the death of High Sage Viryx, Reshad came to realize that the ancient arakkoa had known that having light and dark in equal measure was natural. Only together would the Outcasts and their winged cousins succeed. However, Iskar vanished and arakkoa were sent looking for him. When two guards--a cursed and a high arakkoa--returned to report no success in finding him, Reshad told them of Iskar's history. Soon after his story was finished, he learned that the scouts looking for Iskar were found dead.[1]

Reshad and other members of the Order of the Awakened then headed to Tanaan Jungle to search for Iskar themselves. Reshad visited both Vol'mar and Lion's Watch to enlist the aid of adventurers in finding Iskar. They tracked the Shadow Sage down to the Ruins of Kra'nak, where he was discovered to have allied with the Sethekk and a faction of High Arakkoa. Reshad witnessed Iskar allying with Gul'dan and drinking demon blood to regain his wings, via a spell using Iskar's Tome of Shadows. Reshad condemned Iskar for this act and encouraged the adventurers to bring Iskar to justice within Hellfire Citadel.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Spires of Arak 96 72,848
Skyreach 96 72,848
Skyreach 100 97,854
Garrison 96 72,848
Tanaan Jungle 96 72,848


Spires of Arak
Tanaan Jungle


  • It's about time.
  • Rawr?
  • Yes?
  • Ah, hello.
  • Let me tell you a story.
  • What?
  • WHAT?
  • What is it now?
  • What already?
  • You think you're being smart do you?
  • What is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT!?
  • Goodbye.
  • Farewell, my friend.
  • Farewell.
  • I will see you again.
  • Ah, farewell for now.
N [30-40] The Shadows of Skettis

Azik sent you to me for answers, and I promise you will have them.

But for now, we need to escape.

N [30-40] Orders From On High

The past has much to teach us.

N [30-40] The Avatar of Terokk

Iskar wanted to bring Terokk back with a body of his own. But would the Talon King have saved us, or lead us further into darkness?

I was not willing to repeat the mistakes of the past.

In you, I say a worthy steward of the Talon King's power. Ishaal agreed, and helped me to bind your essences together.

Iskar will not be happy about this, but what's done is done.

Gossip Train me in Archaeology.
Gossip Train me in Inscription.

Notes and trivia[]

  • Reshad has several similarities to Lorewalker Cho, such as having a love for history, and sending the player on vision quests. However, while Reshad was inspired by Cho,[2] he does not fulfill the same Lorewalker-style gameplay.[3]
  • Reshad is voiced by Frank Welker, who is famous for his role as Fred in the various Scooby-Doo cartoons, and also Megatron, Soundwave and others in numerous entries of the Transformers franchise, as well as numerous beasts from other films and shows.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

His status in the main timeline is unknown. He may have died during the war against the Adherents.

Patch changes[]


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