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Resistance (pet)

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Hunter Pets

Arcane Resistance Fire Resistance Frost Resistance Nature Resistance Shadow Resistance

A Hunter can train his/her pet to have increased resistances to Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature, or Shadow damage. The resistance boosts received from this training stacks with the pet's inherited resistances, which is approximately 40% of the Hunter's resistances.

Each school of magic damage resistance is trained separately.

Rank Resistance Level TP Cost Cost
1 +30 20 5 3s 96c
2 +60 30 15 14s 40c
3 +90 40 45 32s 40c
4 +120 50 90 64s 80c
5 +140 60 105 90s 0c

Warlock Pets

A Warlock's pet gains 0.4 resistance for every 1 point of resistance it's master has.

Additional Notes

See the Partial Resists table for further information.