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For objects in the game world that can be harvested using gathering professions, see Resource node. For the points system used in battlegrounds, see Resource race.

There are several different types of resources expended by player, NPC, and vehicle abilities. All classes in World of Warcraft have access to at least one primary resource, and several specializations grant access to additional, unique resources usually related to the role that specialization performs in combat. Resources are often related to the lore surrounding the class.

Outside of boss encounters, NPC abilities are typically limited by their combat AI or cooldowns rather than resources; most NPCs have an irrelevant mana, rage or energy bar depending on the particular mob type. Players use their abilities considering primary and secondary resources, cooldowns or a mix, choices determined by class, specialization and talents.

Resource pooling is a strategy used to manage resources so that they could be consumed most efficiently.

List by class[]

Class Specialization Primary resource Secondary resource Pet's resource
Death knight Death knight All Runes Runic Power Energy
Demon hunter Demon hunter All Fury
Druid Druid[note 1] BalanceBalance (Moonkin Form) Astral Power
FeralFeral (Cat Form) Energy Combo Points
GuardianGuardian (Bear Form) Rage
RestorationRestoration (caster form) Mana
Evoker Evoker All Mana Essence
Hunter Hunter All Focus Focus
Mage Mage ArcaneArcane Mana Arcane Charges
FireFire, FrostFrost Mana
Monk Monk BrewmasterBrewmaster, WindwalkerWindwalker Energy Chi
MistweaverMistweaver Mana Chi
Paladin Paladin All Mana, Holy Power
Priest Priest DisciplineDiscipline, HolyHoly Mana
ShadowShadow Insanity Mana
Rogue Rogue All Energy Combo Points
Shaman Shaman ElementalElemental Maelstrom Mana
EnhancementEnhancement, RestorationRestoration Mana
Warlock Warlock All Mana Soul Shards Fel Energy
Warrior Warrior All Rage
  1. ^ Aside from Astral Power, all druids can access these resources in the listed forms. This table only lists the most important form for each specialization for simplicity's sake. Non-Balance druids in Moonkin Form use mana.

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