NeutralReturn of the Light
Start Jace Darkweaver
End Prophet Velen
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 22,600 (level 100)
Rewards  [T'uure, Beacon of the Naaru]
46g 20s
Previous N Priest [10-45] Salvation From On High
Next N Priest [10-45] The Light and the Void


Accompany Jace Darkweaver through the portal and obtain  [T'uure, Beacon of the Naaru].

  • Travel through the Portal on Darkstone Isle
  • Obtain T'uure



There is a gateway further down this pathway and like most Legion constructs it is powered by souls.

I think the death of that Inquisitor should be just enough to activate it and open the way back to where it came from.

Let's go see where the path takes us, shall we?


You will receive: 46g 20s
Inv mace 1h artifactheartofkure d 01.png [T'uure, Beacon of the Naaru]
  • 22,600 XP (level 100)


So you were able to become acquainted with the Demon Hunters? This is good, we may need their assistance in the war to come.


It is T'uure! I had thought it was lost to us forever!

When I last saw this staff we were escaping from a small world called Niskara. The Legion came upon us unawares, we were only able to escape thanks to a few brave Vindicators who remained behind with T'uure to stall their attack.

I did not think it could be done, but you were able to recover T'uure. You truly walk in the light, <name>. You have my respect, and my thanks.


On accept, Jace begins running up the pathway to the portal. Alora and Vindicator Boros are following close behind.

Jace Darkweaver says: Let's get going. The portal is just ahead.

Right before entering the portal:

Vindicator Boros says: And so we enter the lair of the beast. May the Light protect us!
Alora says: There are others trapped inside. Please, rescue them if you can. Thank you again, <name>!
Boros walks into the gateway while Alora teleports herself away.

Upon entering the gateway, you arrive in the hold a large Legion ship on Niskara and are placed in a single-player scenario.

Stage 1: Heal Vindicator Boros

You've emerged upon a ship of the Burning Legion to find your allies have become seperated[sic] in battle. Help Vindicator Boros recover from his injuries.
  • Heal Vindicator Boros to full health.

When you enter, you are surrounded by the corpses of Felflame Tricksters and Wrath Invaders. Boros is kneeling, wounded, a short distance in front of you, just in front of a barrier of fel magic. On approach:

Vindicator Boros says: <Name>! Bless the Light, you made it! This place is crawling with evil!
Vindicator Boros says: Jace went to scout ahead, but when these demons attacked and put up this barrier, we were separated. He's still out there!

Upon healing him to full health:

Vindicator Boros says: Thank you, champion. With my strength renewed, I am able to dispel this foul magic.

Stage 2: To the Rescue

Follow Vindicator Boros and assist Jace.
  • Assist Jace Darkweaver.

Follow Boros as he disables the barrier and runs to the northwest.

Vindicator Boros says: Come, hero! Jace was heading this way.

In the northwestern chamber, Jace is busy fighting a wrathguard named Commander Xovoth.

Vindicator Boros yells: We fight at your side, demon hunter!

After healing Boros and Jace through the fight, the next stage begins.

Stage 3: Breaking Out

Assist your allies and escape the hold of the Burning Legion ship.
Jace Darkweaver says: Thank you, friends. I admit, I doubted you'd survive the demon's trap, Boros. Thought it would be just me and <name> now.
Vindicator Boros says: My wounds were severe, but <name> arrived just in time.
Jace Darkweaver says: They closed the gates to the upper levels. <Name>, use your holy magic to destroy the anchoring crystal. That should open our way.

After destroying the crystal, Jace and Boros begin running up the ramps to the upper level.

Jace Darkweaver says: Excellent! Now let's get out of here.
Lady Calindris yells: What is that noise? Naranoth! If you allow another jailbreak, I'll strand you on this pathetic rock and leave you to rot!
Jace Darkweaver says: Be on your guard. I sense a powerful demon ahead.

Stage 4: A Friend in Need

Open the cage to free the captured prisoner and defeat Captain Naranoth.
Vindicator Boros says: If you had faith in the Light, demon hunter, there would be nothing to fear!

On the upper level of the ship, a jungle troll mage named Bo'ja has been trapped in a cage surrounded by four Felflame Tricksters.

Jace Darkweaver says: A prisoner! We could use her help, <name>. Free her!

Interact with the Legion Cage to free Bo'ja.

Bo'ja says: Taz'dingo! T'ank ya for gettin' me outta dere!

Stage 5: What Evil Comes

Defeat Lord[sic] Naranoth.
  • Defeat Captain Naranoth

Suddenly, Captain Naranoth, a massive doomguard, appears in the center of the area.

Captain Naranoth yells: No more escapes on my watch!

Bo'ja, Boros and Jace immediately begin to attack the demon.

Vindicator Boros yells: The Light has come to vanquish you, demon!

Upon getting Naranoth to 50% health:

Captain Naranoth yells: Infidels! Submit to my will, or DIE in the flames of the Legion!

Stage 6: The Den of Evil

Defeat Lady Calindris with the help of your allies.
  • Defeat Lady Calindris

After defeating the doomguard, Bo'ja, Boros and Jace quickly run to the other side of the area but pause in front of the exit of the ship.

Bo'ja says: Many t'anks again, mon, for gettin' me outta dere!
Vindicator Boros says: We seek the leader of this den of horrors, an eredar called Lady Calindris.
Bo'ja says: Aye, she be outside directin' her demons ta load up more captives. I be havin' a score to settle wid her, so if ya be aimin' ta take her out, count me in!

The three run outside.

Jace Darkweaver says: Come, let's move before we encounter anymore surprises.

Once outside, two groups of Felsoul Swarmers attack the party. Once these have been defeated, the group runs down to the central lower area, where Calindris stands with the corrupted T'uure.

Jace Darkweaver says: Our prey stands before us! We must strike now, before she can summon her defenses!

Aggroing Calindris:

Lady Calindris yells: Are you truly so stupid? You presume to challenge an eredar sorceress of the Burning Legion?

Keep Boros, Jace and Bo'ja alive with your healing spells, lest they become Gravely Wounded and unable to fight. When Calindris summons mirror images of herself, [Mass Dispel] them out of existence.

Vindicator Boros falls to one knee, gravely wounded.
Vindicator Boros is [Gravely Wounded] and cannot fight until healed!
Your allies have fallen! Lady Calindris retreats!

At around 12% health, Calindris casts "Shadow Strangle" to stun your companions, forcing you to fight the eredar by yourself.

Lady Calindris yells: I grow tired of this! Be consumed by the darkness!
Lady Calindris says: It's just you and me now, little priest! Your pathetic Light won't save you!

As the fight progresses, T'uure begins to absorb the holy magic of the priest's spells.

Lady Calindris yells: No! My staff is absorbing the Light! Damn you, priest, and your accursed magic!

Once Calindris reaches 1% health, she is engulfed in holy magic as T'uure slips from her grasp.

Lady Calindris yells: My staff... it senses the Light within you! What is it... Nooooo!
Calindris dies.

Final Stage: The Beacon Relighted

With Lady Calindris dead the staff is now yours. Take it and leave Niskara.
  • T'uure obtained.
  • Leave Niskara

Upon being freed from Calindris' spell, Bo'ja, Boros and Jace become engulfed in pillars of "T'uure's Light", which heals them for 20% of their maximum health every 2 seconds. The three of them run over to stand at the eastern side of the area.

Jace Darkweaver says: Such power! I feel the demon's essence infusing every fiber of my being!
Vindicator Boros says: I fear for your soul, demon hunter. It's not too late! Turn to the Light and be cleansed of your corruption!
Jace Darkweaver says: Spare me your platitudes, paladin! Your people know well the horrors that the Legion plans to unleash.
Jace Darkweaver says: The Legion must be stopped, and I will do everything in my power to make it so. NOTHING is more important than their destruction!

After retrieving T'uure, Bo'ja walks a few yards south to open a portal back to Dalaran.

Bo'ja says: You two can yell at each other later! It be time ta get outta dis place!

Upon taking the portal, you automatically exit the scenario. Head over to the Antonidas Memorial in the northwestern part of the city to find Moira Thaurissan, Alonsus Faol and Prophet Velen waiting for you.

Alonsus Faol says: Look! <Name> has returned!
Moira Thaurissan says: This champion shows talent!
Prophet Velen says: Well done indeed!

Speak with Velen to turn in the quest.


  1. N Priest [10-45] Priestly Matters
  2. N Priest [10-45] A Legend You Can Hold
  3. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  4. N Priest [10-45] The Light and the Void
  5. N Priest [10-45] Actions on Azeroth
  6. Complete all of:
  7. N Priest [10-45] Spread the Word
  8. N Priest [10-45] Recruiting the Troops
  9. N Priest [10-45] Troops in the Field
  10. N Priest [10-45] Tech It Up A Notch
  11. N Priest [10-45] Relieving the Front Lines
  12. N Priest [10-45] A Second Legend
  13. N Priest [10-45] The Third Legend
  14. N Priest [10-45] Whispers in the Void
  15. N Priest [10-45] The Best and Brightest
  16. Complete both:
  17. N Priest [10-45] Problem Salver
  18. Complete both:
  19. N Priest [10-45D] Eye of Azshara: Looking Through the Lens
  20. N Priest [10-45] Velen's Vision
  21. Complete all of:
  22. N Priest [10-45] Awakening the Light
  23. N Priest [10-45] Champion: Sol

Level 45

  1. N Priest [45] Infiltrating Our Enemies
  2. N Priest [45] Onslaught Envoy
  3. Complete both:
  4. N Priest [45] Unexpected Guests
  5. N Priest [45] Champion: Mariella Ward
  6. N Priest [45] Forgotten Shadows
  7. N Priest [45] Secrets of the Void
  8. N Priest [45] Into the Void
  9. N Priest [45] Champion: Natalie Seline
  10. N Priest [45] Rising Shadows
  11. N Priest [45] Crossing Legion Lines
  12. Complete both:
  13. N Priest [45] United As One
  14. N Priest [45] Aiding the Conclave
  15. Complete all of:
  16. N Priest [45] A Light in the Darkness
  17. N Priest [45] High Priest of Netherlight
  18. N Priest [45] Champion: Alonsus Faol
  19. N Priest [45] A Hero's Weapon

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