Return to Argus

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AllianceReturn to Argus
Start Dungar Longdrink
End Smith Argus
Level 7 (Requires 5)
Category Elwynn Forest
Experience 630 EXP (or 6s 60c at level 70)
Rewards 1s 75c
Previous A [7] Dungar Longdrink


Buy a gryphon ride to Goldshire from the gryphon master Dungar Longdrink, then take  [Osric's Crate] to Argus at Goldshire.


The gryphon master in Goldshire is Bartlett. If you've spoken to him before, then you can take one of my gryphons to him.

That's a good lesson to know: gryphons are always trained to fly to their capital city, but they'll only take you to a remote gryphon master after you've already been there.

You've already been to Bartlett, so just speak with me again when you're ready to take a gryphon to Westfall. Once there, you can deliver  [Osric's Crate] to Quartermaster Lewis.


You will receive:1s 75c


You're back from Stormwind?  Did Osric send the armor?


Great, you brought the armor!  We'll get this divvied to those who need it immediately. Thank you, <name>.  Your efforts have been a great help to us.  And now that you're no stranger to gryphons, I hope you'll come and lend your aid to Goldshire often!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. A [7] A Swift Message
  2. A [7] Continue to Stormwind
  3. A [7] Dungar Longdrink
  4. A [7] Return to Argus

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