Return to Chillwind Camp (4)

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AllianceReturn to Chillwind Camp
Start Scourge Cauldron
End High Priestess MacDonnell
Level 58 (Requires 50)
Category Western Plaguelands
Experience 4500 (27s at level 70)
Reputation Argent Dawn +75
Stormwind +75
Previous A [58] Target: Gahrron's Withering
Next A [58] Mission Accomplished!


Bring the  [Filled Gahrron's Withering Bottle] to High Priestess MacDonnell at Chillwind Camp, Western Plaguelands.


You carefully close the spigot in the control panel, watching the cauldron's putrid ichors drip into the empty bottle.

With the poison in hand, it is time to return to High Priestess MacDonnell at Chillwind Camp to complete the mission.


You will receive: 90s


Gahrron's Withering houses the last cauldron here in the west that we need access to. Once we have a sample of the plague it spews forth, we will be able to introduce our reagents into the environment through four separate vessels! The Scourge will be hard pressed to keep us out of all four, even with the power of Kel'Thuzad behind them.


Congratulations <name>, you've unlocked the last cauldron for us! Alchemist Arbington will soon know what this cauldron requires as far as reagents needed for the mix.

As for you, I am sure that Commander Valorfist will want to thank you personally for the assistance you've given us. Without you, our struggle against the Scourge would have been nearly insurmountable. Thank you, hero!


  1. B [53] The Scourge Cauldrons
  2. B [53] Target: Felstone Field
  3. A [53] Return to Chillwind Camp / H [53] Return to the Bulwark
  4. B [55] Target: Dalson's Tears
  5. A [55] Return to Chillwind Camp / H [55] Return to the Bulwark
  6. B [55] Target: Writhing Haunt
  7. A [55] Return to Chillwind Camp / H [55] Return to the Bulwark
  8. B [58] Target: Gahrron's Withering
  9. A [58] Return to Chillwind Camp / H [50] Return to the Bulwark
  10. B [58] Mission Accomplished!

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